Sunday, October 18, 2009

Purdue Football

We were supposed to be in West Lafayette this weekend, but our trip was sadly cancelled because one of our friends was sick. We were going to watch the Purdue (my Alma mater) vs. OSU football game while there. I wasn't too disappointed that I wouldn't be making the game because I really didn't care to see what I and everyone else thought) would be a definite loss for our good ol' Boilermakers.

It turned out to be a great game and I was sad to have missed it! Purdue was 1-5 going into the game, with their only win against that hardly counts. Ha ha, sorry Lori. (My sister is a Toledo alum so I had to say it.) My other sister happens to be an OSU alum. Admittedly, I am a Buckeyes fan, as well, but this is the one day a year, I just have to stay true to my Boilers!

Anyway, Purdue was not expected to win this one by a long shot. But, they surprised everyone with a big W! In case you didn't see the game or the final results, let me share....

That's right, baby. Unranked Purdue beat #7 ranked OSU! Seeing the fans rush the field was pretty cool. What excitement everyone there must have been feeling.

I ended up watching a lot of the game by myself, while Dustin sealed the driveway and Addison napped. I was happy to share my excitement with someone, so was happy once Addison woke up, just in time for the 4th quarter.

Apparently, her mother was so engrossed in the game that she didn't notice her poor pup being ambushed by goldfish.
The evidence
"Uh-oh, you caught me!"
"Maybe if I just act cute, you won't even notice that I've piled all of my goldfish on Wrigley."
"Boiler Up!"

"Boiler up, Baby. Boiler up!"

"Go Boilers!"

"Go Purdue!"

Mom: "Who do you want to win - Purdue or Ohio State?"
Addison: "Purdue"
What I won't show you was the video where she responded "Ohio State". How can a girl wearing old gold and black say such a thing? :)


Lori said...

Tell Addie that she is great a pronouncing words :) ..and Toledo hasn't been the same since they killed Colorado that first or second week.. Since Ohio State lost I was figuring that there could not have been a better team to win:) The outfit is adorable.:) Now that the Purdue game is over Addie can now put her OSU cheerleading outfit on:)

All Things Considered said...

she looks like such a big girl in that outfit!!! so cute!!