Monday, October 19, 2009

Lynd's Fruit Farm

We finally made it apple and pumpkin picking! We were afraid it wasn't going to happen this year since all of our weekends have been spent out of town since the end of September. We took this past weekends cancellation of our out of town plans and used it to our benefit. Not only were we around to meet our new nephew, Logan, and put together Addison's big birthday gift from her Grandparents, but the weather warmed up just enough to take Addison a pickin'.

We headed to Lynd's Fruit Farm, a family-run farm of 7th generation apple growers. The farm originally started with 80 acres and has since doubled in size to a whopping 160 acres. They have so many apple orchards consisting of pretty much every kind of apple you can think of. Add acres and acres of pumpkins to the equation, and we were all set for a few hours of good times!

Grandma and Grandpa met up with us for the afternoon activity. Addison was delighted to see them, as usual!

We took a wagon ride out to one of the orchards

The apples in this orchard were Melrose. They were huge. Grandpa said it's likely because of all the rain we've had this fall. Addison loved picking out her very own apple.

Look at the size of this apple!

She spent a little while admiring her great pick.

And then the taste test began....starting with the licks.

Not long after was she going at that apple with everything she had. She loved it!

The icing on the cake was when a little girl offered her a caramel apple sucker (after she saw Addison eyeing hers).
And to town she went....
Our next stop was the pumpkin patch. We had to drive up the road and down another little dirt path to get there. They had fields and fields of pumpkins, but also some fun activities, including a corn maze, a hay maze and a barrel ride.
Grandpa and Addison climbed to the observation deck to get a better view of everything the farm had to offer.

She spotted the barrel ride (aka "the choo-choo train) and couldn't wait to ride it.
Waiting to take off...
And off it took. Dustin ran beside it just in case Addison got scared. She was fine pretty much the whole time. She looked a little scared right at the end, but I think it's because she was sliding down in the seat.

There she is in the second barrel.
Just enjoying the ride.

Before heading to the pumpkins, Addison and Dustin took a quick run through a huge tunnel.

The pumpkin patch was great, too. Enjoy the pictures!

Some video of the barrel ride.

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The Goldmans said...

Looks like so much fun and I LOVE Addison's little peacoat, she is so stylin'