Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indoor Pool

After naps, we headed to the indoor pool at the Community Center. The kids loved it! It was our first time there and I'm thinking we should really consider buying a membership for this winter. Addison and I would definitely get our use out of it.
Daddy was a collegiate swimmer and hopes Addison follows in his footsteps.

She loved the lazy river and wanted to hold onto the tube all by herself.

Don't worry, she still had a tight grip!
Plus, Daddy was right there with her.
Playing with the watering cans, just like the good ol' summer days. Missing those summer days already...

Playing basketball.
Watch out, Lebron!
But nothing was better than the slide. I believe Addison went down the thing at least 100 times.
Rounding the corner for another trip down the slide.
And another...
And another.
Escorting Noah for another ride on the slide.
They are just too cute for words.
Our angel, a true fish!

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