Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cooking and Building

Dustin's parents spent the night Friday because we had a big project to work on the next morning. Dustin is our usual weekend breakfast chef because he makes such wonderful breakfast food. It's such a nice treat to have someone else cook so I wouldn't complain even if the food was no good! Thankfully, it is. Addison was eager to help, so she stirred the egg mixture and enjoyed watching her Daddy make homemade hashbrowns and french toast.

Then, it was time to get working on our project. Of course, Addison insisted on helping with that, too. She loves to help around the house wherever she can. It's quite adorable. I think she's going to come in very handy once her baby brother arrives!

She had gone upstairs, while the rest of us remained in her playroom. I allow her do this because she usually comes right back down. We heard her upstairs and she was up there for a couple minutes, not answering us. So, Dustin went to check on her. She was deep in her toy cabinet in our great room and when Dustin asked her was she was looking for, she said, "My hammer." I remembered the hammer was up in her toy cabinet in our master bath. (She has a lot of toy cabinets around the house! Throughout the day, she is in a lot of rooms in our house and this way, I don't have to constantly see and stumble over toys. It works out very nicely.)
She came down and got right back to work. All she wanted was to help her Grandpa. So sweet!
What were we building, you ask? Well, Addison's Grandma and Grandpa gave her an early birthday present. It is her very own Dress-up station! She loves dressing up and now she has a huge storage area to keep everything. This is the almost-finished product. She loves it already! And, a little birdie told me she will be receiving some more dress-up clothes over the next couple of months. She's going to have a ball. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!


Emily said...

That's great!! Addison is going to have so much fun with it! I would have loved a dress up station when I was a little girl:)

Lori said...

Love it:)