Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all you ghosts and goblins! I hope everyone has a fun day. I, myself, will be going trick-or-treating tonight and am hoping to get more treats than tricks! Then I shall come home and rot my tooth eating all the candy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love my Aunt Beth

Aunt Beth came to visit Mommy and me on Wednesday. We went out to lunch where I had pasta, banana and some of Mommy's soup. Why is it that the adult's meals always look so much more appealing than mine? After lunch, we did a little shopping and then home for my afternoon nap. Mommy and Aunt Beth thought it would be fun to go Christmas decoration shopping and couldn't wait for me to wake up. Once I finally woke up, I got bundled up in the perfect color for Christmas!

Christmas decoration shopping was a success as Mommy and Aunt Beth both fell in love with some snowmen. Mommy also got a cute wooden sign and Aunt Beth got some bells for her door handle. The only unsuccessful part of the shopping excursion was what Aunt Beth did to me when Mommy wasn't looking.

I love you soooo much, Aunt Beth. We have the best time together, don't we? :)

P.S. Did you know that in 6 1/2 months, my Aunt Beth is going to be a doctor!?!?!?!?

Checking out my blog

I follow Mommy's directions really well, even when it's coming from the computer.

I also love reading my blog and watching the video. I think I'm pretty darn funny.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We got tagged!

Thanks Leah for tagging us! We've seen this done on other blogs but no one has ever shown us the love before. :)

The first part of the tag is to post the 6th picture from the 6th picture folder on our computer. This was the night before Stephen and Carrie's wedding. Our handsome daddy/husband is second from right. Don't ask us who those other jokers are. We don't know them.

The second part of the tag is as follows:

1. Link the tagger and provide the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

So, without futher ado...

7 facts about mommy

1. I am a breast cancer survivor.

2. I am mommy to a beautiful daughter and wife to an amazing husband.

3. My dog is at the groomers and I keep looking for him. Obviously I miss him!

4. I often feel tired, but have a hard time sleeping.

5. I wish my mom and sisters lived in my neighborhood, or at least the same city.

6. I am one of 34 grandchildren on my mom's side of the family....and there are probably nearly as many great grandchildren!

7. I have a hard time letting go of past mistakes.

7 facts about Addison

1. I was born 9 weeks early.

2. I was born with dark hair, then it turned light blonde, then strawberry blonde and now it is sandy blonde.

3. My favorite color is yellow.

4. My favorite words are Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, and Bubba.

5. I came home from the hospital on Christmas Day and turn a year old on Thanksgiving Day!

6. I love the swing.

7. I can't wait for my playroom to be finished later this week!

People we are Tagging

1. Julie

2. Katie

3. Ashley

4. Kate

5. Holly

6. Julie

7. We ran out of friends

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 11 months, munchkin!

Happy 11 months to our sweet girl!!

Dancing Bunny

Mondays are gym day at The Little Gym. This week was special for a couple reasons. First, I moved up to Birds. I used to be a Bee but Mommy and my teacher thought that now that I am getting around so well, I should move up a level. Birds go up to 18 months and though most of the others are independent walkers, there are a couple of us who still need assistance. It won't be long and I'll be keeping up with those walkers! I really like being a Bird. I think I am going to learn a lot from the older kids!

The second reason today was special is because it was "wear your costume to class day". Mommy thought my flower costume was a little cumbersome and would prevent me from easily moving around, so we improvised last minute and threw together this little number. I guess I was a dancing bunny. Cute, huh?

One unfortunate event did happen today. Mommy put a tear in her first pair of designer jeans. They did have a good 6 year run, but Mommy was still sad. Daddy said maybe Mommy shouldn't crawl around after me in her nice clothes. Daddy also wanted me to pass along the message to the person who introduced Mommy to designer jeans back in 2002 that you owe Daddy like 9 million dollars. That would be you, miss EJH. :)

Reason number 10,000,000,0001 why Mommy loves me

Because I help her with one of her top 2 least favorite chores....unloading the dishwasher! And for all our curious readers, folding laundry is her other one.

How am I supposed to help Mommy if I can't even open it?Open Sesame.
I'll start with the bowls.
Then the spoons. Oh wait, I think I'm taking out what Mommy just loaded!
Do you see what I see? Another dishwasher! Does it need to be unloaded?
Mommy, open it and I'll help you.

Babysitting Noah

Mommy, Daddy, Gammy and I babysat my cousin Noah over the weekend while my Aunt Julie and Uncle Josh were in town for the OSU vs. Penn State football game. By the way, OSU lost thanks to Pryor's butter fingers. :(

Completely uncharacteristic of our Mommy's, Noah and I unfortunately only got a couple pictures together in our PJ's Sunday morning. Bad Mommies!
They got more of the dogs all worn out from playing...go figure.

At least Mommy got some video of me giving Noah kisses!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

-----Attention Aunt Beth: This post is way overdue and is therefore backdated. K? :) ------

Gammy and Poppy took me, Mommy, and Daddy to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. It was a beautiful day, with sunny skies and the crisp fall air. I was so excited to go to the Pumpkin Patch that I refused to take my afternoon nap. Please note that this is the first and only time (so far)this has ever happened....that's how excited I was! We decided to give it a shot and I was a very good girl the whole time. Enjoy the pictures...
Me and Gammy upon arriving at the Patch.

Riding out to the Pumpkin Patch on the tractor.
3 generations of hands. Thanks, Daddy, for taking this lovely picture!
I found my pumpkin! Now, how do I get it home? Roll it?

Mommy and Daddy's little pumpkin with her pumpkin.
Gammy, Poppy, Me, Daddy and Mommy at the Pumpkin Patch.
Me and Poppy with my pumpkin and the beautiful blue sky!

Me with my pumpkin.

Hmmm, on second thought, maybe this one isn't perfect.

Hey, now this one is more my size. Perfection at last!
Where is Daddy? I need to show him my new pumpkin.
I loooove my little pumpkin.But I still loved the big one so I kept both.
Playing in the corn pit after picking pumpkins.

Thanks, Gammy and Poppy, for taking me to my very first pumpkin patch. I can't wait to go again next year!


Most everyone who meets me comments about this great big personality that I have. I think it's because of all the different faces I make.

Whenever I first see the camera, I pull out this big cheesy beautiful grin. Then I do my scrunchy face. I kind of walk around all day doing this face, actually. More scrunchy face. And if Mommy asks me really nicely, I put on a sweet little princess face.

Okay, confession time. The real reason I wrote this post is so you could see the beeeeee-ootiful rose barrettes that my Grandma F. got me. The silly faces are just an added bonus. :)

Laughs, laughs and more laughs

Mommy and I were just being silly after I finished up my dinner.


My Bubba is so silly when he tries to eat the bubbles.

Birthday Party

On Saturday, I went to a birthday party for my cousin, Eva Claire (she's actually Daddy's cousin's daughter, so I think that would make Eva and I third cousins). She turned 2 years old! My cousin, Aaron was there, too. He is 17 months old, so the 3 of us are pretty close in age. Family get-togethers will be so much fun as we get older!
Showing Aaron how to play on the activity table. I have the same one!

Me and Grandpa enjoying the nice fall weather.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Mommy and I went to "Boo at the Zoo" today with our friends, Beth and Robbie. It was my first trip to the Zoo and after my response to the animals at the Fair , Mommy wasn't sure how I would handle the Zoo. She was pleasantly surprised as I was on my very best behavior! We spent over an hour and a half looking at the animals and the pretty Halloween decorations, and going trick-or-treating. I had such a nice time and can't wait to go to the Zoo again. Next season, we're definitely going to have to buy a season pass!

Me and mommy outside of the Zoo.

The pretty pink playhouse that Mommy registered to win for me. ::fingers crossed::

I was starting to get tired of all the people staring at me saying "Awww, look at the cute flower!". The one exception was the guy who said to Mommy, "I can't tell what he is. Is he a frog?" Seriously?
Here I am, you know, the frog. I was just hanging out with my reptile friend, the snake.

Mesmerized by the aquarium.

You would have been, too!

Robbie Obi-Wan Kenobi working the controls on the boat.

Super Size me please! Kidding...that's a pumpkin!

Look at these scary pumpkins.

And this one was decorated like a pretty blue peacock!
Is Ms. Bee pollinating me?
Me and Mommy in front of the Tigers habitat.
We're typically "dog people", but you have to admit these felines are gorgeous.
Hey, look I think it's Nala from the Lion King.
Mommy said if I don't win the pink playhouse, I could take her home!
Checking out Obi-Wan with his magical lightsaber. As a side note, did you know that up until 20 seconds ago, Mommy thought it was called a "lightsaver"? That silly Mommy!
Me and Mommy in front of a corn stalk thing.
Going Trick-or-Treating for the first time ever!
Trick OR Treat? TREAT!!! YAY!!

Awww,'s time to go home already? It was 15 minutes until my bedtime (yes, my bedtime is at 6pm). Wooops! :)