Saturday, October 31, 2009

MOM's Halloween Bash

This past Thursday was our Annual Halloween party for my Mom's group. We had an amazing turn out and the event was fabulous. Thanks to the Moms who put so much hard work into making everything so wonderful!

The kids went on a scavenger hunt through the woods and collected treats at each clue.

The rule was one treat per child. Addison spaced out during the explanation of rules. :)
She is sticking her lip out because just minutes before, she fell of the teeter totter and bit her bottom lip pretty hard. It bled for quite a while but she barely cried. She actually likes blood and it helps her to see it. Maybe she'll take after her Aunt Beth and become a doctor. I personally feel like fainting at the sight of blood so she definitely doesn't get this from me!

There's that wicked teeter totter! She clearly wasn't afraid to get back on.

Addison and her favorite pirate, Chris.

Two of her besties. Raegan the pig and Abby, as Dorothy. These girls are so adorable!
It's a bird. It's a plane. No. It's Addison, the flying Ladybug!
There she is showing us her lip injury.
3 days later, she still rubs her lip and pretends to cry.
We have some amazing bakers in our group (a category in which I do not fall) and all of the food was out of this world. Guess who sang to herself for a half hour in bed that night. Too much sugar!
Aww, but heck,'s Halloween!

Twas a fun weekend

Last weekend was a great one. And action packed to say the least! My mom, sister, brother-in-law, nephew and their dog came for a visit. It is always nice to be together, especially with our children being so close in age. They are best of friends and interact very well. What little there is of an age gap (almost 5 months) seems to close more and more with each visit.

We spent some time at home, but not much. The kids enjoy Addison's play room and spent a lot of time at the easel.

They took baths together both nights. On Sunday night (once Noah was gone), Addison kept pointing in front of her saying "Noah sit there." She did the same thing to her booster seat that he ate his meals in all weekend. A week later, she is still talking/asking about him, making references to this most recent visit.

Oh, what I would give to live closer to my sister and her family.

OSU Tailgate

On Saturday morning, we wanted to head to campus and take the kids to their first Ohio State Tailgate.
Addison got dressed in her cheerleader outfit from last year that her Aunt Lori gave her. I was so glad it still fit!
She is the cutest cheerleader I have ever seen!

She wanted to show you some of her moves. She was a natural.

Go. Fight. Win!

I wasn't a cheerleader, but I know this is probably called something.

Trying to do a cartwheel.

Preparing for a pyramid.

I just thought it was really funny when I was reviewing the pictures and saw those. It looks like she was really being a cheerleader, though I am positive she has no idea what a cheerleader is. She is such a character.

Posing with Cousin Noah. Cuties!!!!!!!

We bundled the kids up (because it was COLD outside) and indeed, participated in some tailgating. Dustin hung back to work and Mom and I were going to come back after a bit with the kids while Julie and Josh stayed with their friends (their both OSU alumni)
The kids in front of the "Shoe" (OSU's football stadium).

Not sure Addison is a fan of cold weather.
I think Addison really wanted a man to hold her because she kept asking for Uncle Josh. "Josh, hold chu peese."
Gammy is such a proud Grandma!

Indoor Pool

After naps, we headed to the indoor pool at the Community Center. The kids loved it! It was our first time there and I'm thinking we should really consider buying a membership for this winter. Addison and I would definitely get our use out of it.
Daddy was a collegiate swimmer and hopes Addison follows in his footsteps.

She loved the lazy river and wanted to hold onto the tube all by herself.

Don't worry, she still had a tight grip!
Plus, Daddy was right there with her.
Playing with the watering cans, just like the good ol' summer days. Missing those summer days already...

Playing basketball.
Watch out, Lebron!
But nothing was better than the slide. I believe Addison went down the thing at least 100 times.
Rounding the corner for another trip down the slide.
And another...
And another.
Escorting Noah for another ride on the slide.
They are just too cute for words.
Our angel, a true fish!

Boo at the Zoo

On Sunday, we headed to the Columbus Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Addison couldn't wait to get into her costume and Noah's was just as cute!

The Bonobo's are one of our favorites and we spent a lot of time watching them play. They are very entertaining, I could watch them all day. It was feeding time and this momma seemed to be eating most of the food. She was still nursing her baby a few weeks ago, so I assume she still is. Must be why she was so hungry!

The Gorilla's are a favorite, as well. They were very personable on this day. I can't remember his name, but this Gorilla was giving me kisses through the glass! I should really go back and visit him. He was so sweet!

We hit up the carousel. It was Noah's first time and Addison's second. Noah did great...Addison on the other hand lasted about 10 seconds (again) and Dustin had to hold her for the remainder of the time.

Gammy with her ladybug and duck.
Addison really got the hang of "trick or treat" this year. She couldn't get enough candy. Good thing for her mommy!

Checking out the loot.
Standing in line at the next treat station.