Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A whole new can of worms

I have to share a story on here because a) it's funny and b) I really want to keep it for my records.

Just minutes after I blogged yesterday about Addison being in big girl underwear, the following happened:

Addison was down for a nap and I heard her talking in her room. I glanced at the video monitor to see her still laying there, so I turned the sound off because I was on the phone and needed a couple more minutes to finish up my conversation. She began to sit, but was quiet and within a few minutes she was standing. Note: I was not closely monitoring her activity during this time.

Once she is standing in her crib, that's usually my cue to go retrieve her from the bedroom. I went up to get her and was shocked with what was laying before my eyes. Poop. Lots of poop. On the floor. Poop that had apparently been thrown from one little girl's crib, landing in 3 different places, several feet from her crib. With my bottom jaw still on the floor, I looked over at Addison, who was standing in her crib sans pants or pull-ups. She has never de-robed. Ever. Her bedsheets were soaking wet too.

Good for my little girl for wanting to keep her pants dry like we've been talking about, but I think we may have opened a can of worms that I'm not sure I'm ready for.

I told Dustin about it and when he arrived home, he asked Addison if she was a monkey. Addison replied "yes". Maybe we've taken one too many trips to the zoo. Yes, we've actually seen the Bonobo's (the monkey species with the very unattractive rear-ends) throw their poop. We even once saw the baby Bonobo pee in her hand and drink it. Uh oh. Addison is not going near those animals for quite a while! :)


jayj211 said...

Oh no!!! That is hilarious! I would say I am very thankful that Ella has never done that to me, but I'm afraid I will jinx it!

Julie said...

I friend of mine's son used to constantly take off his diapers when he was in his crib and either throw his poop on the floor or smear it on the wall behind his crib. They started duct-taping his diapers and putting his pj's on backwards..... When they started potty training they did away with the crib so he could go to the bathroom whenever he needed.

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, Kris! That is great! Well, great maybe isn't the word you were thinking, but what a story for the books:) She does love those monkeys!!!

Beth said...

I just laughed so hard I had to spit my cheerios out! That's funny! Though you probably were not laughing at the time! I always tell Robbie he's lucky he's so cute :)