Saturday, October 31, 2009

OSU Tailgate

On Saturday morning, we wanted to head to campus and take the kids to their first Ohio State Tailgate.
Addison got dressed in her cheerleader outfit from last year that her Aunt Lori gave her. I was so glad it still fit!
She is the cutest cheerleader I have ever seen!

She wanted to show you some of her moves. She was a natural.

Go. Fight. Win!

I wasn't a cheerleader, but I know this is probably called something.

Trying to do a cartwheel.

Preparing for a pyramid.

I just thought it was really funny when I was reviewing the pictures and saw those. It looks like she was really being a cheerleader, though I am positive she has no idea what a cheerleader is. She is such a character.

Posing with Cousin Noah. Cuties!!!!!!!

We bundled the kids up (because it was COLD outside) and indeed, participated in some tailgating. Dustin hung back to work and Mom and I were going to come back after a bit with the kids while Julie and Josh stayed with their friends (their both OSU alumni)
The kids in front of the "Shoe" (OSU's football stadium).

Not sure Addison is a fan of cold weather.
I think Addison really wanted a man to hold her because she kept asking for Uncle Josh. "Josh, hold chu peese."
Gammy is such a proud Grandma!

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