Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mommy, Wow! I'm a big kid now!

Look who is wearing big girl panties for the second day in a row!

(She was adamant about wearing this hat. I must say she is really good at coordinating her outfits.)

Addison is doing great potty training (if you could even call it that - see below). She is getting better at telling me when she has to go, though I usually beat her to the punch because I put her on the potty so often. She usually always goes, even if just a drop, which is good. And she has been doing her number 2 business on the potty too, always receiving a "special treat" (1 swedish fish) afterwards. :)

The main problem we've run into with "potty training" Addison is me! We introduced her to the potty at 18 months and she would occasionally use it (more often as she got older), but I haven't been taking the process seriously. There are a few reasons for this:

1. She is still young and I am in no hurry for her to be potty trained (though only having one baby in diapers once little brother comes around would be wonderful)

2. It is a huge commitment on my part, one that requires a lot of energy which I have been lacking the last few months and

3. We are always on the go, which makes it extremely difficult to get her to a potty every hour.

A few weeks ago, I bought her some pull-ups and when I am feeling ambitious (as in, I am willing to take her to the potty a lot that day), Addison wears those because they are so much easier than a diaper to get on and off. Recently, I've noticed that we'll be out for 2-3 hours and when we get home, she is still dry. This amazes me, considering I am about to wet myself by then! Anyway....

Due to the recent change in Addison's ability to "hold it" for a longer period of time, I've decided to really, really (for the most part) commit to this potty training thing.

She kept her pull-ups dry for 4 straight days (except for bedtime), so I pulled out the training underwear yesterday (her big girl panties) and gave it a go. She went a little bit yesterday afternoon and realized it right away and has kept them dry so far today (7 hours and counting)!

So, I'd say Addison is well on her way to being potty trained by the time her baby brother will be arriving. Hopefully we won't have any regression (on Addison's part OR mine!). I will say that it's pretty awesome to not have to change so many diapers, especially the dirty ones!


Lori said...

go Addison:)

Noah said...

Going to be potty trained before she's even 2!!!! What an accomplishment!

betsy said...

Oh, she looks so cute all proud of herself:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the little piece of heaven I want is right under her knickers between her legs, love to pull her knickers off and lick it for her