Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicago Day 3

Boo, our last day in Chicago. We checked out of the hotel, but not before a few pictures.

And headed to brunch with some more friends.

Dustin used to work with these gals. They are super sweet and Addison quickly learned both of their names, Corey and Lisa! She has been reciting "Lisa" ever since.
After brunch, we headed to Meganne and Trent's for some more visiting and so Addison could take a nap before we headed to the airport. They were a few minutes behind us, so in the meantime, she and Emily spent a little "ahhhh time" on the stairs.

Meganne took us to the airport and off we went. The flight was a little delayed, but went smoothly. Addison was a very good girl. She didn't get white knuckles at all and wanted to watch out the window the whole time. Something her Mommy can't do anymore. I've found I get motion sickness in my old age. Now I understand why my mother never wanted to ride the roller coasters at the amusement park!

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