Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Addison's first haircut - runway walk

Sorry it's so dark - I think the video on the camera is going out.

Addison's first haircut

Addison had her first haircut today! We took her to a cute little girl's spa for the big event. She was a very good girl and sat still the whole time. Just last weekend, she accompanied her cousin, Noah, to his hair cut. Noah was given a sucker to distract him and because Addison has the memory of an elephant, I knew that she would be asking for one during her haircut, too. So we brought one with us. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Addison asked, "Where is my sucker?" Good thing we were thinking!



"What have they done???"

Getting sparkles and cupcake mist

Can you see the sparkles?

Chase's Newborn Pictures

We had the lovely Jennifer Lehner take some pictures of Chase when he was 1 week old. You might know Jenni from some of Addison's milestone photo sessions that I've posted in the past. We love having her take our pictures! Jenni has only photographed one other newborn (over 1 1/2 years ago), yet was able to produce these great shots. Now, that's talent!

LOVE these of my two angels:

Believe it or not, this is a hat that someone from Dustin's work made for me. Chase fit in it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rae meets Chase

Addison's friend, Raegan, and her momma (also known as my friend, Abby) came over for a visit (and to bring dinner and gifts....gosh, we are SO spoiled!) the other day.

It wasn't all that long ago when these little girls were babies. Actually, it seems like yesterday we were welcoming Miss Raegan into this world. But now they're big girls, at least compared to the littlest munchkin, whom neither of them wanted anything to do with at the time of this picture!

You wouldn't know that there is a 9 month age difference here. They have such a good time together!

Potty trained

I am pleased to report that Addison is more or less completely potty trained (with the exception of bedtime when she still wears pull-ups). She pretty much refuses to wear anything but her "big girl panties" (regular underwear) during the day. As a matter of fact, yesterday she was putting up a fight about wearing the pull-ups for her nap but I was able to convince her to wear them by putting her panties over them. Leaving the house with regular underwear makes me a little nervous, but I've learned that she is able to hold her urine for many, many hours at a time. Knock on wood, but we haven't had an accident (yet). I say yet because I feel like accidents are inevitable at this age. Regardless, I am so proud of my girl for this huge accomplishment!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Matt and Steph

Chase had more visitors this weekend. Our friends, Matt and Stephanie, came to check out our little man. They planned to come to the hospital the day after he was born, just at the time that the nurses recommended we put a restriction on visitors because of the issue with Chase's blood sugar levels. We're glad they were finally able to meet our guy! Matt's a natural. He'll be a great Daddy one day!
And speaking of guys. There is another special someone in our house who doesn't seem to be getting the attention that he once got. I promised him I would post his picture today to make sure our readers haven't forgotten about him!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I like sledding

The little girl who just a couple weeks ago told me that she was scared of the sled has had a change of heart. Big time. Daddy took her sledding today (while Chase and I watched from the car). She said she didn't want to go when we asked her, but were able to convince her by telling her we'd just make a snowman. Little white lies on occasion are harmless, right? :)

After about 1/2 hour of sledding, Addison and Daddy made their final decent down the hill and came to the car. Addison was in tears. "I don't want to go! More sledding! More sledding!" It turns out our neighbors were there and had some really cool sleds. I guess our little toboggan wasn't good enough. Once she saw the other kids on the sled and went on them herself, she was a changed girl. The neighbors sleds went FAST and she wanted to go all by HERSELF! I guess our sled wasn't DANGEROUS enough for our little dare devil. :)

The problem was that our neighbors were leaving and it was their sled she wanted to ride on. So, we told her we would go get a sled for her and head back to the hill for more sledding. 4 stores later, no sled. Fortunately she was understanding of the situation. The entire city of Columbus is sold out of sleds (we called a half dozen more stores when we got home). We'll definitely have to put this on our list of things to get at the beginning of next season and in the meantime, hopefully our neighbors won't mind us borrowing theirs!

Now, Addison tells everyone who will listen, "I like sledding!"

Thumbs up!

This little piggy...

...gained 15 ounces in 11 days (exceeding the average 1 ounce per day weight gain for an infant his age). At 3 weeks old, Chase weighs 6lb. 12oz. Big boy!!
I was really nervous for today and am soooo happy and relieved that he has gained such a nice amount of weight. I am really proud of myself as this weight gain was achieved from nursing only on one side (because that's all I physically have). As if breastfeeding isn't challenging enough! I am really enjoying the experience and hope I can keep it up.
Everything else at his appointment checked out wonderfully. We will go back at 2 months and though I am very much looking forward to spring, I really want to freeze time right now. My babies are both growing too quickly!

That picture was taken a few days ago at bedtime, which is a concept I am not quite sure he understood as he was wide awake. He was watching me brush my teeth and probably laughing inside knowing that he wouldn't be closing his eyes anytime soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kate and Anfinny

Two of Addison's favorite people on this earth came to visit today. Kate and Anthony (Anfinny) brought Addison bubbles and stickers so she wouldn't feel left out as they swooned over her new baby brother. It's absolutely wonderful that people have included Addison so much these past few weeks. I think it's really contributed to her being so welcoming toward Chase.

Addison also had her nails painted again while they were here (she is now addicted) and all I can tell you is that this happened while Kate, Chase and I were hanging out downstairs, oblivious to what was happening. Last I checked, Wrigley didn't know how to do a manicure and I don't think Dustin even knows how to open a bottle of polish. Hmmmm, I wonder who this leaves? :)

This smile melts my heart

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playgroup friends

Today, Chase met his first fellow playgrouper (other than his big sister), Abby. Abby is one of Addison's best friends and will be starting at the same preschool next year! Abby and her momma, Liz, came to visit us and brought along a wonderful lasagna dinner and super cute outfits for Chase. Thanks, gals. :)

Addison and Abby are in quite the lopsided playgroup - 9 girls and 1 boy. Well, there is actually another little baby boy who comes once in a while with his mom and sister. Once we add Chase and two other baby boys (one due any day now and one in April) into the mix, playgroup will even out a little. It's definitely the season of boys in my mom's club.

Nursing baby

"Whatchu lookin' at? Never seen a 2 year old nurse her baby before?"

Yes, this is a daily occurrence at our house. She likes to do every single little thing her mommy does. She's so good at imitating!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Peanut in a Boppy

This little peanut was hanging out in my coveted Moby Wrap (sans clothing so he didn't overheat) and when I took him out, he snuggled right up in the Boppy. He is so sweet!

Gammy and Poppy

We love when Gammy and Poppy visit and were so sad to see them leave tonight. They were a huge help today, babysitting while Dustin and I ran some much needed errands...and had a little alone time for Valentine's Day. (Not to mention, with the exception of doctor's appointments, I haven't been outside of the house in nearly 6 weeks and was getting EXTREMELY stir crazy!)

Our day consisted of taking two cars in for maintenance, making quick (key word) returns/purchases at 9 stores (one of which we went to twice) and stopping home in between to feed the littlest munchkin. Whew...we're going to be busy people for the next 18 years! Thanks G and P for all the help. Your grandbabies miss you already!