Friday, February 5, 2010

Chase - Day 2

The day after Chase's birth was a busy one! There were a lot of people who wanted to see our little man. People traveled from different parts of the state (and Emily from Chicago) to see Chase. We are so lucky to have such great friends and family!

Unfortunately, Chase's blood sugar levels were gradually dropping throughout the day and reached a point where if they didn't significantly get higher SOON, he was going to be admitted to the NICU. Because of the seriousness behind this, the remaining visitors were asked to leave. Those visitors were my dad and older sister, Lori. Needless to say, we didn't get any pictures of them. :( Hopefully we can see them again soon!

Chase's levels dropped as low as the 30's (they want to see levels at least in the 50's). They were giving him one more chance. He was to feed once more and after an hour, if his levels weren't in the 70's, he would be admitted to the NICU. I got the call at 9:00pm that his levels were 74 and they were bringing him back to our room. Of course I bawled. WHAT A GOOD BOY!

Grandma and Grandpa F.

Chase, Daddy and the Grandparents. I hope Chase looks just like his daddy!

Aunt Julie

Aunt Beth


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