Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kate and Anfinny

Two of Addison's favorite people on this earth came to visit today. Kate and Anthony (Anfinny) brought Addison bubbles and stickers so she wouldn't feel left out as they swooned over her new baby brother. It's absolutely wonderful that people have included Addison so much these past few weeks. I think it's really contributed to her being so welcoming toward Chase.

Addison also had her nails painted again while they were here (she is now addicted) and all I can tell you is that this happened while Kate, Chase and I were hanging out downstairs, oblivious to what was happening. Last I checked, Wrigley didn't know how to do a manicure and I don't think Dustin even knows how to open a bottle of polish. Hmmmm, I wonder who this leaves? :)

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