Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nursery reveal

I'm ready to reveal Chase's nursery...though it's still not 100% complete.
We (as in Dustin and his parents) painted the first weekend of January and our furniture was delivered 2 days later (the day before I went on bed rest). Everything else has essentially been done since Chase's birth.
I want to accessorize the hutch better and add a few more wall hangings (probably newborn pictures once we get those back), and maybe do a couple other minor things. But for the most part, it's done....finally...and almost perfect enough for my perfect Chase man!
The crib, dresser/hutch combo, and nightstand were the first items purchased, from the Romina Karisma line.

The bedding is DwellStudio Owls Sky and the whole nursery design revolved around it. It took me forever to decide on the bedding, but I just love Dwell so much and kept going back to this design. Addison has the Garden Blossom set and I have been really happy with it. Plus, they make duvet covers in the same prints (Addison has one for her full size bed) so the rooms can really grow with the kids.
The downside to Dwell is that it is not cheap (though Target now carries a much more reasonable line of Dwell, if anyone is interested). And since I don't use half of the set (comforter and bumper), I hated to spend the money. Somehow I got lucky and found an online store who was selling Addison's a la carte. Wasn't so lucky with Chase's. As a matter of fact, the bedding just came out in the fall and is sold out almost everywhere. So, I guess I did get lucky for buying it when I did!
So, what I did with Chase's room was just order the sheets (which they do sell separately) and several shower curtains to make the crib skirt and cornice from. My Mother-in-law made the crib skirt and we had the cornice (as well as the drapes) custom made. It all turned out great!

The chair and wall letters were added this week. The chair is a Best Chair glider/recliner. It's awesome! We did the glider/ottoman in Addison's room and there were so many times I'd wished it reclined, so we decided to go for it this time around.

Here are some of the room's smaller details:

The incredible wall letters, custom made by Etsy seller, PoshDots. She was so absolutely wonderful to work with and far exceeded my expectations. (Click on the picture to zoom in.)

Another Etsy seller made me this owl.

And yet another did this print.
I love this canvas. They also make an identical rug, but it's so expensive and I just couldn't justify it.
Sophie the Giraffe is just waiting to be gnawed on!

The bathroom. We actually used one of the shower curtains for it's intended purpose!
Towels from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. The bath rug is still on back order.
And that concludes the nursery reveal!


Hollywood said...

awww, so pretty! You have a great eye, and I'm sure little man will love it!

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I love it!

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So cute!!