Thursday, February 4, 2010

January 2010 in Review

January was a challenging month for us. It seemed that not one day passed without drama. I was thinking back to our month and how crazy it was and thought I would recap. There are definitely some things I could have done without, but many blessings came to us, as well.

January 2010 in review:

Trips to the hospital - 6

Stitches/staples - 3 for Addison and lots for Mommy

Toe injuries - 1

Toe/foot infections - 1

Preterm labor scares - too many to count

Cases of the stomach flu - 3

Colds - 3

Car accidents - 1

Irregular prescriptions filled - 5

Weeks on bed rest - 3 1/2

Healthy preemies born into our family - 1

Vacations cancelled - 1

Non-refundable airline tickets refunded - 3

Meals provided for our family - 21

Friends and family who have stepped in to help last minute - numerous

Friends and family who have offered to step in to help (last minute or not) - dozens!

Weeks Baby Chase stayed tucked away while on bed rest - 3 1/2

Impact those few weeks had on Chase's health - immeasurable

Knowing that at the end of the month, regardless of the challenges we faced, we were a happy family with 2 healthy, beautiful children - PRICELESS

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jayj211 said...

Wow! That is a long month!! Thank goodness it ended on a good note. I'm so happy for you, Dustin, Addison, Chase, and Bubba! Congratulations again and please post more pics of Chase :)