Saturday, September 27, 2008

10 months old!

Happy 10 months, little munchkin!!

This is the best I could do for a photo shoot this month. You aren't ever going to sit still again, are you?


Mommy took you next door to swing on your 10 month birthday. As usual, you took it all in and had fun.

Mommy also learned that you still don't like grass.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Preemie Playdate - Part 2

Mommy forgot about some pictures that she had on our other camera of my playdate with Hannah. Our mommies took us for a walk in a double stroller. It was fun being a "twin" for a while. :) Hannah slept for most of the walk and I held her hand. Sooooooo sweet!

Preemie Playdate

Hannah and I got together for a playdate today. Hannah is my preemie friend (Hannah's mommy and my daddy work together). You might remember her from back in April when we first met.
Well, now we're all grown up and can actually play together, which is so much fun! We had lunch together and for desert, nothing is better than gnawing on a good old, tasty book.
Once I finished my book, I wanted to taste Hannah's. Here I am pulling the highchair closer to me so I can get her book.

After lunch, we played. I showed Hannah how to play the drums and how to put the shapes in the bucket. Then she told me her teeth were hurting so I offered her my ice cold teething ring. Hannah already has one tooth and I'm still working on my first one!

Can't wait to play with you again, Hannah!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Check out my pearly white

Bottom right (left to you). Isn't it sooo cute?

Hey everybody, long time no seeeee!

Oh my goodness gracious, it has been so long since Mommy and I wrote on my blog. We are soooo sorry...especially to those of you who have been patiently awaiting an update. We have been so busy lately. Last week I started gym class and music class. I love both of them very much and my teachers (Miss Amber at The Little Gym and Miss Andrea at WeJoySing) are so fun and sweet. I am going to learn a lot from them and all the other little babies in class, I just know it! On top of that, we've been having some play dates and my grandmas have been visiting a lot. As a matter of fact, Grandma F. is here today hanging out with me so Mommy is taking this opportunity to update my blog.
The biggest reason we are so behind in posting is because of this one guy named Ike. He swooshed through our country and left a really big mess. He even found his way to Ohio and caused all sorts of problems. Trees fell down, roof shingles were torn off, outdoor furniture flew away, swing sets were ruined, and lots and lots (700,000 in Central Ohio) of people lost power. Us included. We were one of the lucky ones who regained power after only 2 days, but there are STILL people without it. My Gammy and Poppy who live more in Southern Ohio didn't have power for 8 days. They were not happy campers! I mean, geez, we thought 2 days was bad. And to think of what other people in the country are dealing with. Mommy and I have been praying for all those people every day.
Mommy and Daddy played lots of games and enjoyed some good wine while we didn't have power. Talk about making good use of a couple of dark, quiet evenings. They said it was so much fun! Here are a couple pictures my mommy (who thinks she's a budding photographer) took. :)

Anyway, no electricity meant no internet and no way to charge up our computer. So, that's what started this whole delay.
But please don't fear, we have a whole bunch in store for you. Put on your PJ's, make a bag of popcorn, and get comfy on the will definitely need a few minutes to catch up. :)

First tooth

My first tooth has popped up. It hasn't come through the gums yet, but it's definitely there. Per grandma's description, it looks like a big white pimple on my gums. Ewww, Grandma, that's gross! I am handling this teething thing very well. You would never even know that I have a tooth coming through. Mommy says I haven't been crabby at all...just a peach, as usual. :)
I am pretty stubborn and won't open my mouth to show anyone my porcelain treasure, but one of these days Mommy is going to get a picture to post. One of these days....


I have been crawling all over the place. I like that I can get to things that I want now. I am most interested in crawling to things that aren't my toys, such as cords, phones, remote controls, paper, and my favorite of all (which you'll see in this video), Wrigley's toys! For some reason his are so much more appealing than mine. Mommy said she and Daddy could have saved A LOT of money if they knew that all they needed to buy me were rubber dog toys.

Freedom sure does feel good. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Da....

I love talking to my Daddy on the phone. Mostly I like saying "Hi Dada". I was too busy checking myself out in Mommy's big mirror and forgot the second syllable this time. Oh and sorry the video is so dark. Mommy and I had just woken up and Mommy said since I wake up when the sun comes up, we don't need to turn on any lights. :)


My favorite word is "dada". Probably because I love my dada soooo much! I love mommy too, of course, and I mouth "mama" but nothing comes out. One day soon, I promise you, Mommy!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

O-H-I-O!! Go Buckeyes!

Memo to all of Mommy's Purdue friends

Please don't be mad at Mommy for letting me wear scarlet and gray. I am a true Purdue fan. Really, I am. GO BOILERS!!! WOOHOOO, Boiler up!!!

Here's the thing. I live in Columbus, Ohio. If you live in Columbus and are not an Ohio State fan, you are pretty much shunned. People buy red or gray cars here...that's it....if you drive a black, white, yellow, green, blue (oh goodness, that Michigan blue), your car is destined to be vandalized. Okay, not really...I'm exaggerating. But, seriously, when we moved here last year and Daddy went to buy a car, he noticed that the lot was full of blue cars. The salesperson said it's because no one in Columbus wants to drive a "Michigan blue" car!!! True story. Homes are adorned with OSU flags, cars are decorated with OSU paraphanalia, the streets are empty on Football Saturdays (because you're crazy if you're not either at the game or somewhere watching the game).

This city is nuts! Ohio State fans are even nuttier (awesome and nice and very polite, of course, but nutty! This includes my Aunt Julie and Uncle Josh. They are OSU alums and HUGE HUGE HUGE (times a hundred million) fans. Aunt Julie can't watch when OSU is down in a football game and cries if they lose (which isn't often, thank goodness for Aunt Julie's sake).

So, in the pictures below and surely on future occasions, you will see me in Ohio State attire. Blame my Aunt Lori. She's the one who got me this incredibly adorable cheerleading outfit. Or blame my Daddy. He's the one who accepted a job here. Just please don't blame Mommy. And if you can't bear to look, just close your eyes. :)
Future cheerleader? Not if she got Mommy's genes!

Thanks Aunt Lori!

What??? USC is beating OSU??? NOOOOOOOO, I can't look.

Cincy Race for the Cure

On Sunday we participated in the Cincinnati Race for the Cure for the second year in a row (Yes, I know I wasn't physically there last year, but I was in Mommy's belly and that still counts)! Our team is called "Kickin' it with Kristi", named in honor of my Mommy. We had a team of 26 adults, 4 babies and 1 dog. We all walked or ran 3.2 miles (5 kilometers)...even my great grandma! It was so much fun!

Our awesome team! I am the cutie in the front left stroller.

Me with Daddy, Mommy, and Wrigley

This is what Wrigley's shirt says. Look familiar? It should because it's mine! I wore it for the Columbus Race in May and let him borrow it for this one.

Me, Mommy and Wrigs

After the Race
Mommy and I crossing the finish line...on the SURVIVOR side!!!


Me and my grandmas Holly, Brad, baby Jonathan and Mommy, Daddy and baby me!!
Mommy and Emily, her friend from high school
Aunt Beth, Gammy, Poppy, Aunt Julie and cousin Noah

Grandma, me and Great Aunt Connie

On behalf on me, my Mommy, and my Daddy, thank you to all our friends and family who came out to support Mommy at this very special event! WE LOVE YOU!!! See you next year for Kickin' it with Kristi III!

Me and Noah

In true mommy fashion, Mommy and Aunt Julie took some pictures of me and Noah when we were at Gammy and Poppy's.
I guess Noah didn't want to catch my girl cooties! Aww, now he's not scared...or maybe he is because he is holding his breath. :)

Addison, please protect me from the cameras...they're scary looking!How cute is my cousin? I mean, really, could he get any cuter?
Playing in Poppy's big chair

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lunchdate with Ariana

We went to Potbelly today to meet my friend, Ariana, and her momma. Mommy says she ate a lot of Potbelly when I was inside of her, but I don't remember. She said in a few months she'll let me try it for myself. YAY!!
Mommy, where's my food? Hold my hand, Ariana.

Dada, look!

Simple entertainment

Thursday, September 11, 2008




Dear Jesus,
Please bless the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks 7 years ago today. Please protect our country and give strength and courage to our country's future leaders and the men and women fighting to keep our country safe.

Thank you,

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tickle Tickle

Wrigley and I love playing together! And don't worry, it's not as bad as it appears. My arm is still in one piece and was only slightly pink once all the fun and games ended. Wrigley doesn't bite down (and never will, he promised) and if Mommy sees him getting too rambunctious, she intervenes. Obviously, as evidenced in the video, I don't mind it one bit. I trust he'll leave me my fingers and toes. It's Mommy you all should worry about...she's always nibbling at them! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Julie!!

We hope you have a great birthday, Aunt Julie. We are sad that things got "crazy" and you guys couldn't come to C-bus this weekend, but it sounds like everything is working out just like it should. YAY!!! Plus, we'll see you next weekend. Double YAY!!! :)


We love you!!

Kristi, Dustin, Addison, and Wrigs

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hi Da-da

I have a new trick! I can say "hi" into the phone. Both Daddy and Gammy have witnessed this. During the day when Daddy is at work, we call him on speakerphone so we can both talk to him. Lately, I've been saying "hi" a lot when Mommy puts the phone to my mouth. Then she says "Addison, say hi da-da." Yesterday I did it - several times! Mommy and Daddy were sooo mad we didn't get it on video. Mommy tried to get me to say it again while she was recording. It's not the best so you'll have to use your imagination and just trust me that I was really saying it!

"Da-da" is now my favorite thing to say. Forget "ba-ba", that was last week's word! As a matter of fact, I only took 3 of the 8 ounces of my bedtime bottle (ba-ba) this evening, which is very unusual, because I couldn't stop saying "da-da". Mommy kept saying "Honey, Da-da isn't here, he's at work. Sorry, baby, you're stuck with Ma-ma. Say ma-ma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma." No dice. Sorry mommy...maybe next week!

Back by popular demand!

I hope this puts a smile on your face. I know it gets my Mommy and Daddy every time!

Oh, and we apologize for the shaky camera...Mommy was playing with Wrigley while filming.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My visit with Raegan

Mommy and I went to visit baby Raegan this afternoon. She is such a little peanut and beautiful as could be! Mommy said I was less than half Raegan's size when I was born and I said, "No way, Mommy. I'm a big girl!" It was so fun to see Baby Raegan. Once this humid, 90 degree weather subsides we're going to go on lots of walks with Raegan and her Mommy. I can't wait!

Isn't she precious?

Mommy held my hand so I wouldn't touch the baby. Not fair, all I wanted to do was pinch, pull and grab at gently pat her. Thanks for having us over, Abby and Raegan. See you next week!

Coffee date

Mommy and I went on another date today! Just call us little social butterflies! By the way, I LOVE butterflies. Mommy hung some above my bed and every time I wake up she lets me touch them. I've learned to say "oooh" at them because that's what Mommy always says when she sees them. Anyway, I digress....

So this morning we went to our neighbors house for some coffee and tea. I passed on the warm beverages and had some water and of course my new favorite snack, puffed wheat! I was a really good girl. I played with little Izzy while our Mommy's had some great adult conversation. Izzy is 2 years old and is going to teach me all sorts of new things!

Thanks for the fun date, Nikol and Izzy! To Mommy's surprise, I'm taking a really good nap, (almost 2 hours so far - despite the loud banging, drilling, and horrible choice of music going on in the basement) so we want to know "can we do it again tomorrow?" :)

As soon as I wake from my nap, we're going to visit baby Raegan. What an exciting day this is!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lunch date

Mommy and I went to meet one of Mommy's friends for lunch today. Mommy and Beth have been friends since they were 6 years old. That's a really long time! Mommy and Beth decided they really need to see each other much more frequently because there is just always so much to catch up on. They already started planning lots of fun outings for the fall. Wine country (sorta), here we come! :)

Congratulations again, Beth, on your big news!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

My Mommy, Daddy and I LOVE holiday weekends, especially ones that include family, friends and good times.
On Friday, we drove the hour and a half to Dayton because my Gammy and Poppy were going to be watching me for the weekend while Mommy and Daddy went to Chicago. This was a really big deal because it's the first time Mommy has been away from me overnight. Mommy was nervous but she had a very, very good reason to leave me - for her best friend (my Aunt Emily's) 30th birthday! So, we got to Dayton around 6:30, I took a quick bath and bottle and was snoozing by 7:15pm (a little later than usual!)

Saturday morning when I woke up I could have sworn it was Christmas. Right there in the middle of the living room was a bright and shiny wrapped present with my name on it. So, I opened it, with bedhead and all!

My very first telephone! Now I could call my Mommy and Daddy while they were in Chicago. Thanks Gammy and Poppy...I got such enjoyment out of my telephone the whole weekend!

Gammy, Poppy and I had a fabulous time together. I slept GREAT, laughed A LOT, and did a lot of fun things.
I enjoyed playing in the exersaucer that my cousin let Gammy borrow for a while. Thanks, Jennifer, I loved it!

We visited with Great Grandpa N. while Great Grandma N. was out of town.

I played with Aunt Lori
And she helped me make a phone call to say hi to Mommy and Daddy.

We went for many strolls. Gammy and Poppy met (and fell in love with) BOB.

I played with lots and lots of toys.

And took pictures with my beautiful Gammy.

And also my gorgeous Great Grandma N. (after she came back into town)

I went to my cousins Jake and Sam's birthday party and met their new brother, Will. Will is 1 month old. He is mommy's youngest cousin. Will was 10lb 6 oz. and 23 1/4 inches when he was born!!

Then Will started crying and I wasn't sure what to do. Aunt Mickey fed him and he was happy again. Whew!

After the birthday party, Poppy and I played,
read a book together
And did "Supergirl".
They fed me carrots for dinner and I guess you could say I went to town
and got super messy!
While I was having all this fun, Mommy, Daddy, and Bubba were in Chicago. On the way there, Bubba sat in my car seat. (He took full advantage of being the "only child" for a couple days.)
While in Chicago, Mommy, Daddy and some friends went to Japonais for Emily's birthday.
Happy birthday, again, Aunt Em!
Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun but still missed me bunches!
After a couple days, Mommy and Daddy came back to Dayton to get me and we went home. I was sad to leave Gammy and Poppy, but then Grandma and Grandpa F. came over and made me feel so much better! Grandma and Grandpa F. were out of the country for 3 weeks (TOO LONG!) so it was fun to finally see them. Thanks for visiting, G and G. I hope you get some good sleep tonight!