Friday, September 5, 2008

Hi Da-da

I have a new trick! I can say "hi" into the phone. Both Daddy and Gammy have witnessed this. During the day when Daddy is at work, we call him on speakerphone so we can both talk to him. Lately, I've been saying "hi" a lot when Mommy puts the phone to my mouth. Then she says "Addison, say hi da-da." Yesterday I did it - several times! Mommy and Daddy were sooo mad we didn't get it on video. Mommy tried to get me to say it again while she was recording. It's not the best so you'll have to use your imagination and just trust me that I was really saying it!

"Da-da" is now my favorite thing to say. Forget "ba-ba", that was last week's word! As a matter of fact, I only took 3 of the 8 ounces of my bedtime bottle (ba-ba) this evening, which is very unusual, because I couldn't stop saying "da-da". Mommy kept saying "Honey, Da-da isn't here, he's at work. Sorry, baby, you're stuck with Ma-ma. Say ma-ma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma." No dice. Sorry mommy...maybe next week!

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Kristin said...

Good job sweetheart!! I could hear it clear as day!! What a big girl!!!