Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

My Mommy, Daddy and I LOVE holiday weekends, especially ones that include family, friends and good times.
On Friday, we drove the hour and a half to Dayton because my Gammy and Poppy were going to be watching me for the weekend while Mommy and Daddy went to Chicago. This was a really big deal because it's the first time Mommy has been away from me overnight. Mommy was nervous but she had a very, very good reason to leave me - for her best friend (my Aunt Emily's) 30th birthday! So, we got to Dayton around 6:30, I took a quick bath and bottle and was snoozing by 7:15pm (a little later than usual!)

Saturday morning when I woke up I could have sworn it was Christmas. Right there in the middle of the living room was a bright and shiny wrapped present with my name on it. So, I opened it, with bedhead and all!

My very first telephone! Now I could call my Mommy and Daddy while they were in Chicago. Thanks Gammy and Poppy...I got such enjoyment out of my telephone the whole weekend!

Gammy, Poppy and I had a fabulous time together. I slept GREAT, laughed A LOT, and did a lot of fun things.
I enjoyed playing in the exersaucer that my cousin let Gammy borrow for a while. Thanks, Jennifer, I loved it!

We visited with Great Grandpa N. while Great Grandma N. was out of town.

I played with Aunt Lori
And she helped me make a phone call to say hi to Mommy and Daddy.

We went for many strolls. Gammy and Poppy met (and fell in love with) BOB.

I played with lots and lots of toys.

And took pictures with my beautiful Gammy.

And also my gorgeous Great Grandma N. (after she came back into town)

I went to my cousins Jake and Sam's birthday party and met their new brother, Will. Will is 1 month old. He is mommy's youngest cousin. Will was 10lb 6 oz. and 23 1/4 inches when he was born!!

Then Will started crying and I wasn't sure what to do. Aunt Mickey fed him and he was happy again. Whew!

After the birthday party, Poppy and I played,
read a book together
And did "Supergirl".
They fed me carrots for dinner and I guess you could say I went to town
and got super messy!
While I was having all this fun, Mommy, Daddy, and Bubba were in Chicago. On the way there, Bubba sat in my car seat. (He took full advantage of being the "only child" for a couple days.)
While in Chicago, Mommy, Daddy and some friends went to Japonais for Emily's birthday.
Happy birthday, again, Aunt Em!
Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun but still missed me bunches!
After a couple days, Mommy and Daddy came back to Dayton to get me and we went home. I was sad to leave Gammy and Poppy, but then Grandma and Grandpa F. came over and made me feel so much better! Grandma and Grandpa F. were out of the country for 3 weeks (TOO LONG!) so it was fun to finally see them. Thanks for visiting, G and G. I hope you get some good sleep tonight!

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