Thursday, August 28, 2008

A scoot here, a scoot there

I know everyone wants to watch a 3 minute video of me scooting around on the floor (backwards and in circles) and talking, so here it is. At 2:06, I say mama and mama's heart melted. The rest of the time I'm mostly saying baba cause I'm hungry! Mommy didn't want to take the camera off me cause she knows one of these days I'm going to go forward and she'd love to get it on video. Mommy has a knack for getting all my "firsts" on video so far.

ENJOY...especially you, Aunt Beth!


Kristin said...

It won't be long!!! I can't take the cuteness!! I need some Addison Hope SOON!!!!

All Things Considered said...

She wants to move so bad!!! I love how she gets around in circles! It's so sweet :) I wonder if she will learn to pull herself up before she crawls?!