Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Visit with Aunt Beth

My Aunt Beth drove almost 4 hours round trip to see me today. Boy, I must be really special to her. Aunt Beth is in medical school (1 more year, Aunt Beth!!) and has 2 weeks off so she decided to spend a whole entire day with me! She got to our house around 11:30am because Mommy told her I would wake up from my nap around 12 or 12:30 and we could go out to for lunch and some shopping. 12:30 rolled around and Mommy told Aunt Beth "Well, she's been asleep 2 hours now. She should be getting up any minute." The clock hit 12:45 and Mommy said, "I better go check on her. I'm surprised she is still sleeping." In a panic, Mommy opened my door and got close enough to see that I was still breathing. Whew...sigh of relief. Okay, I'll just make a long story short here. I slept until 1:45! That's over a 3 hour nap. I haven't napped that long since, well maybe since never!! This is on top of a 13 hour night plus a short 1 hour nap pretty much right after I woke up this morning. I really do like my sleep! Anyway, this is what I looked like when I woke up from my nap.
Yes, ladies and gentleman, that is urine. Now that I sleep on my tummy, my urine goes to the top front of my diaper. Either Mommy didn't put the diaper on tight enough or Pampers Cruisers aren't very absorbent (we just switched to Cruisers because I outgrew my Swaddlers.) Not to mention I had 9 ounces of milk in me and pee a lot in my sleep!

We were able to salvage my dress, but changed my bloomers. Then Aunt Beth and I played for a little bit in my room.

And Aunt Beth gave me kisses.

Oh yeah, that's the sweet stuff.
And I rolled all over the place, making sure Aunt Beth was watching me the whole time.
After playing, we headed out to shop. Mommy and Aunt Beth got some cute clothes from Anthropologie, BCBG, JCrew, and The Gap. Mommy said someday she'll pass all those clothes down to me. She said in 30 years, they'll be in style again. :)
I love shopping!

Mommy, those shoe are to die for!

I was able to stay out for a record time of 3 hours because I didn't need to go down for my afternoon nap since I combined both naps into one. We got home around 5:30, took a bath, read a book, got my bottle and I was asleep by 6:15. Gosh, it was a good day. Thanks, Aunt Beth, for visiting me. Let's do it again real soon! LOVE YOU!!!

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Anonymous said...

love her to sleep with me if she pees lots I want her to pee all over me