Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9 month pediatrician appointment

First of all, happy "adjusted" 7 month birthday to me!! That sounds crazy, doesn't it? I know it's easy to forget I'm a preemie based on how big and smart I have become. Sometimes I even forget that I used to look like this:Mommy always gives me extra birthday kisses (I mean lots and lots of them) on my adjusted birthday and tells me what a miracle I am. Then we pray together and thank God for giving me the strength to pull through those first few tough weeks. Here are Mommy and I praying together the day after I was born. I wasn't much bigger than her hand.
Anyway, it's nice having 2 "birthdays" because I love kisses! Tomorrow is my "actual" 9 month birthday. I'm so excited for our monthly photo shoot! Hmmm, what to wear....
Today was my appointment with my pediatrician, Dr. B. I love Dr. B. I usually just sit there and stare at him while he talks. Mommy says I'm so observant because I am eager to learn. Dr. B said I am doing wonderfully and he can't believe I am a preemie (which is a good thing!) I told him that would be thanks to my Mommy and Daddy for working with me so much to help get me up to speed with other 9 month olds. Tomorrow, Mommy will update you with all my new tricks but for now I wanted to tell you how big I am. You'll NEVER believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready???? OKAY, here goes!!!!!
21 pounds 4 ounces (75th percentile)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 inches (45th percentile)!!!!!!!!
Oh, and my big old noggin' is 17 1/2" (65th percentile)!!!!!!! Mommy says I need a big head to hold my big brain!!!
Stay tuned for another 9 month update tomorrow!

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