Friday, February 25, 2011

This week in the Green Room

Hello all -

I am glad this weather decided to hit on a Friday and not interfere with another preschool day!

This week was a fun week. Tuesday we discussed Presidents Day and George Washington's birthday. We made a flag to celebrate this with profiles of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We made a three corner hat which they all enjoyed a ton. On Thursday we had an ocean day in honor of our letter of the week. We read The Rainbow Fish (Matthew's favorite book) and made an octopus out of their precious little hands. We made an ocean scene out of some edible fish and worms and we had a special ocean snack which they all loved. This was an english muffin with blue cream cheese and goldfish on it. We had an ocean in our sensory table and discussed all types of fish.

Next week we are learning about Dr. Seuss and many of his fun books the entire week. We will be eating green eggs and ham on Tuesday and making a cat in the hat hat on Thursday. The letter of the week will be P. Keep sending in those share items. They really understand this process now and are a bit disappointed if they do not have an item to share. It is so fun to see them describe their item and tell us about it.

The very special people for this week are Matthew in the morning class and Shreya in the afternoon class. Please don't feel any pressure about this. Send in whatever they would like to share. Pictures are fun (they don't have to be on a poster but many have been). Lots of kids have brought in their favorite book for us to read or other items that are important to them that they want to show to their classmates.

We are asking that you please send in items from two different food groups for snack now. This has actually always been the policy but we are trying to follow it more now since we are applying for a 2nd Step Up to Qualify star. Thank you.

We hope that Mrs. Ramsey is feeling better and back with us next week! She was really sick and the kids missed her very much!

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Ramsey

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chase versus the vacuum

My little man is a timid one, for sure. He didn't want to crawl past the vacuum cleaner that was sitting in the corner of my kitchen. As soon as I moved it, he was fine. Silly little guy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This week in the Green Room


Another busy week in the green room. We were so happy to have Mrs. Ramsey back on Thursday! All the kids were very curious about her absence and missed her very much (so did I).

February is dental hygiene month so we talked about this the entire week. We talked about the different parts of the tooth, the proper way to brush your teeth and how many times a day you should brush. We did a science experiment on Thursday with and hard boiled egg and some coke cola that really showed the kids the importance of good brushing. Ask you child what they thought of this experiment. It seemed to make a big impact on them. Even our artwork this week was inspired by dental hygiene month. We painted two pictures with tooth brushes. Your children all LOVE to paint! We also made a tooth puppet.

We painted a flag that is the first part of a project we will be finishing on Tuesday for Presidents Day.

We will be having our parent teacher conferences on March 14th and the sign-up sheet will be out shortly. Also, due to conferences we will not be having school on Thursday, March 17th. In addition the preschool follows the Olentangy school schedule for spring break which will be March 21-25th. We have scheduled our spring field trip for May 5th. We will be going to the Columbus Zoo. This will be just like the apple farm in that we will not have school this day but instead meet at the zoo (both parents and kids). It will be very fun and Mrs. Mendenhall is planning several fun experiences for us to have while at the zoo. We just wanted to give you a heads up of some of these important dates.

Next week will be the Letter O and the very special people for the week will be Abby (am) and Grace (pm).

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing your children and hopefully enjoying some nice weather again next week. We were all very happy to play outside again on Thursday and hope it continues for this next week.

Together we teach,
Sara Reed and Michelle Ramsey

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Piggy Bank

We've started to use the Piggy Bank that Addie received for Christmas. It's a special piggy bank. There are 4 different sections: Save, Spend, Donate and Invest. I explained to her what money in each section could be used for. For example, she could save her money for a new toy, spend it on an ice cream cone, donate it to people who don't have very much money of their own and need it more than we do, or invest it for college (which she knows about, thanks to Blue's Clues). Whenever she chooses a certain section, for example, invest, I'll remind her that once that section is full, we can take it to the "big bank" and put it there until she is older, but that she won't be able to use it for a while.

She currently earns quarters when she follows her bedtime rule. The rule is as follows: once she is bed, she is not to get out. She must stay in bed until her light comes on in the morning. This light is a night light that is set on a timer. Once the light comes on, she is allowed to get out of bed and quietly read her books until someone comes to get her. It's been working great. She has the not-getting-out-of-bed part down and has about a 50% success rate on the latter half of the rule. Sometimes she dresses herself (potentially dangerous), sometimes she brushes her teeth (messy), sometimes she opens and closes her door (occasionally wakes Chase), and today, for example, she went potty (which I can't blame her for!)

She gets really excited to earn her quarter and it's a nice alternative to treats which she used to ask for when she would obey the rule. Plus she is learning the value of money. Or as much as a 3 year old can comprehend, I suppose!

She tends to favor 2 different sections - spend (she really loves ice cream!) and donate. Every time she chooses donate, I remind her that we will be sending that money to someone who lives far away and that the money will no longer be hers. After hearing this, she slowly, yet confidently, drops the quarter into the slot.

I really think she gets it. I'm so proud.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This week in the Green Room

I went and backdated these weekly emails I get from Addison's teachers so I have them for her keepsakes. Most people won't be interested, but I LOVE hearing about what goes on in school. I get limited information from the student, herself, these days. Too busy to tell old mom about her day. :)

Hello Parents,

Happy Valentines Day! Tuesday, Miss Becky (our music & movement teacher) who the kids love, came again! The kids are really enjoying her and seem to like all the new songs she is teaching us. We made "a dozen roses" with our hand prints. Did you enjoy it? The kids were excited to make these for you! Thursday, we decorated our valentines bags and made a craft before we celebrated by eating fun snacks and passing out valentines to our friends. We did a science experiment with milk (it's letter M week) and food coloring. Ask your kids what happened when we put the Q-tip that had been dipped in detergent into the milk. Kinda look like a rainbow!

Thanks again to our Special Persons of the Week, Addison and Reagan. Thank you parents, the kids tell us how much fun they have making the posters with special pictures with you! We loved the posters you made and like hearing all about you and families. Next week our Very Special People are Lily, AM and Audri PM.

In our morning class we had a new student start, Mattia Arena. We are so happy to have her with us. It is like she never missed a beat and has been with us since the beginning of the year! Welcome Mattia!

Next week will be the Letter N. Please keep bringing in those share items. The kids love standing up and telling their friends about their items and it is a great way to learn how to speak to a group and also it is a great way to learn to wait our turn (which is so hard at this age). Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Reed also enjoy this time very much with the kids!

Enjoy your weekend, stay warm and we will see you next week!

Thanks again!

Together we teach,

Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Reed

Addie's Valentine

This is the Valentine we made to pass out to Addie's friends and teachers at school today.

Chase naps - again

UPDATE: (2/13) Chase has taken 2 naps a day since this post.

We all do it. We make posts about our kid's sleeping schedules that we think no one else cares about (though I will admit I love reading about other children's sleep patterns/milestones), but we do it, anyway, for our own record keeping. So, here's mine:

I decided to put Chase down for a nap this morning while Addie was at school because 1) he was up at 7am and 2) I needed a nap, myself. He fell asleep in my arms at 9:05am and I had to wake him at 11:15 to get sissy from school. I then put him down at 1:40 for what I was hoping would be an afternoon nap. He fell asleep at 2 and is sleeping as we speak (3:30). Now I'm all confused as to what to do. You would think I'd have this down pat by now.


Driving past a cemetery: "Mommy, how'd those decorations get there? All those rocks?"

Putting her down for a nap: "Mommy, if I dream about the bad man, will you come help me?" (this is the first I've heard of this....oh no!)

Driving to school with Chase next to her, wearing his PJ's:
A: Mommy, Brother Tom used to wear those PJ's. But he didn't wear Chase's. He had his own.
M: Oh really? Does he still wear them?
A: No, he's too big now.
M: Oh? How old is Brother Tom?
A: Ummmm, I think he's about 20.
M: Where does Brother Tom sleep?
A: In my bed. He's soooooo sweet and I hold him.
M: Awww, that's nice.
(good ole' Brother Tom!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chase's stats at 1 year old

24lb. 12oz. (75%) and 31 inches (80%). Dr. B. says Chase is looking great. He got 3 shots and was so caught off guard that he couldn't even outwardly cry. He held it inside the whole time. It was SOOO sad.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice Skating

On a whim, we took Addie ice skating today for the first time. She's been asking to go for a couple of months now. We have a rink about 4 minutes from us, but we also have access to an outdoor rink (a.k.a. iced over tennis courts) at the club we belong to and thought we'd try there. So, while the munchkins were napping, Dustin and I called around to the local Once Upon a Child stores and found some size 8/9 skates and helmet. They weren't purple, as she has requested (they were boys, actually), but they did the trick! She had a blast and was pretty good!

Imaginary friend?

Addison might have an imaginary friend. His name is Brother Tom and she has been talking about him a lot lately. I'll be interested to see if this continues...

Chase and Lovey

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chase - 12 months

It's hard to believe my little boy is 12 months old. He has really developed such a huge personality. He has stolen all of our hearts and complements our family perfectly. Our sweet Chaser.

Here's a little recap on what the munchkin has been up to lately.

His vocabulary currently consists of: Mama, Dada, Ball, No, and Duh (Done). He can also sign "all done". Well, it's sort of more like hand flailing, but it's definitely intended to mean "all done".

He's a big eater. Each meal takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes as he plows through his food. He loves fruit, especially pears, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and mandarin oranges (LOVES THESE). He also loves avocado, cheese, meat, salmon, bread, eggs, peanut butter, beans (green and black), crackers, and pasta. We started him on whole milk and he can't get enough. He still takes 3 bottles and I limit them to 7 oz. each. If I didn't, I think he would just keep drinking that milk! He's been doing great on a sippy of water and gets really excited when he sees me filling it up.

He's pretty much down to one nap a day. Every once in a while I'll try him on two naps. He'll always fall asleep for his morning nap and then it's half and half on whether he actually falls asleep for his afternoon nap. He'll stay in his crib for 2+ hours if he doesn't fall asleep, which is nice for me to maintain my "mommy time" as they both nap (or in his case - rest), but I don't think we're going to try for the 2 naps anymore. If I put him down for 1 nap, he'll sleep 2 1/4 - 3 1/2 hours, and though I can tell around 10am that he could easily fall asleep, he gets a second wind and does just fine (a little more needy/clingy) until his 1pm nap.

He goes to bed around 6-6:30pm and sleeps for 13-14 hours.

He wears a size 4 diaper and mostly 18 month or 18-24 month clothes, though he's kind of all over the board with clothes, depending on brand and style. He can still fit into a few GAP 12-18 month onesies, but they're getting difficult to snap. His 12-18 month GAP Jeans are flooding on him but 18-24 month need rolled up. I actually had to put away an 18-24 month Gymboree romper the other day, as well as two size 18 month Carters Rompers.

He wears a size 5 or 5 1/2 shoe. If he were walking, I think the 5 would be best but I went ahead and bought a pair of 5 1/2s recently because I know he'll be grown out of the 5s shortly.

It is extremely difficult and frustrating to change his diapers and clothes. No one likes to do it. Enough said!

He has 8 beautiful pearly whites. His front two teeth may or may not end up gapping due to his oral frenulum but I am actually leaning towards not.

He is starting to sit still for books and especially likes the "touch and feel" ones.

He loves to play peek a boo. He prefers balls and cars/trucks to most other toys. Though, if his sister were a toy, she would be his favorite one. :)

He is standing a lot and starting to walk behind things.

He LOVES kisses. If he is being kissed, he leans into it and seems to take it all in. He also reciprocates with mouth-wide-open, slobbery kisses. He giggles and smiles all the time.

He has a lovey. It's a brown owl, made out of a microfiber material. Over a two week period, I introduced him to several potentials (taggy blankets and other lovies) and this one was the winner. (Congratulations, Emily!) He clings onto it while sleeping (a lot of times he lays on it). The only bad thing is that he sucks on it, so it gets a little stinky. I have been known to wash it daily and sometimes twice a day!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dance Dance Baby

Addie before Dance and Gymnastics today.

Houston, we have a problem.

Chase hates, hates, HATES being on his feet. He pulls up and once he's there, he stays for a long time because he doesn't know how to get down, but getting him to stand is not easy. And walking is even worse. He won't walk holding our hands or behind anything unless he has to (in other words, if the thing he is holding onto starts moving!)

Honestly, I think he mainly lacks confidence. He has pretty good balance and can stand on his own (unknowingly) for 20 seconds. I know he'll go at his own pace and that's completely fine. It has just caught me off guard. Addie was cruising by 10 months and walking on her own at 13 months....and she was a pretty early preemie. Dustin is rumored to have started walking at 8 months :), so I thought, while always taking into consideration his prematurity, Chase would be on the earlier end, too. I was wrong. I'm beginning to think that maybe he's a little too laid back!

This is about the best we've done so far. Poor guy is miserable!

I absolutely LOVE the end of this one when he is saying "no" and shaking his head.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


If Addie had one wish right now it would be to have babies. Really. I wish I knew where this recent obsession originated. She often talks about babies. Sometimes they're her babies. Sometimes they're her sisters and brothers. Regardless of the relationship, they will always come out of her belly. Because that's where babies come from, didn't ya know?!

She stretches and says it's "because I need to get bigger so I can have babies and take care of my brother and sister".

She proclaims she's full at dinner "because my babies are making my tummy too big".

She scoots the dresses in her closet over to one side to "make room for my babies' clothes".

She coddles her baby dolls, dresses them, changes diapers, feeds them, puts them down for naps, tells me I'm being too loud because her babies are sleeping, etc. It's all about the babies!

She is so funny when she talks about them. She tells me she's going to have a lot of babies and names them weird names. She wonders where they will all sleep and tells me I can come over to play with them, but only if I'm very gentle. I really need to get it on video. After a great conversation today, I pulled out my phone and tried to capture some of it. It had mostly ended so I had to probe for more. She's hilarious.

It's clear that my daughter is destined to be a mother, no doubt about it, but do most 3 year old girls talk like this? I'm sure it's just a phase. Before long, she'll be too into her friends and then (MUCH) later on, makeup, fashion, boys (EEEK!) and such to even think about babies.

I'll try to catch more of our chats another time.