Friday, February 25, 2011

This week in the Green Room

Hello all -

I am glad this weather decided to hit on a Friday and not interfere with another preschool day!

This week was a fun week. Tuesday we discussed Presidents Day and George Washington's birthday. We made a flag to celebrate this with profiles of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We made a three corner hat which they all enjoyed a ton. On Thursday we had an ocean day in honor of our letter of the week. We read The Rainbow Fish (Matthew's favorite book) and made an octopus out of their precious little hands. We made an ocean scene out of some edible fish and worms and we had a special ocean snack which they all loved. This was an english muffin with blue cream cheese and goldfish on it. We had an ocean in our sensory table and discussed all types of fish.

Next week we are learning about Dr. Seuss and many of his fun books the entire week. We will be eating green eggs and ham on Tuesday and making a cat in the hat hat on Thursday. The letter of the week will be P. Keep sending in those share items. They really understand this process now and are a bit disappointed if they do not have an item to share. It is so fun to see them describe their item and tell us about it.

The very special people for this week are Matthew in the morning class and Shreya in the afternoon class. Please don't feel any pressure about this. Send in whatever they would like to share. Pictures are fun (they don't have to be on a poster but many have been). Lots of kids have brought in their favorite book for us to read or other items that are important to them that they want to show to their classmates.

We are asking that you please send in items from two different food groups for snack now. This has actually always been the policy but we are trying to follow it more now since we are applying for a 2nd Step Up to Qualify star. Thank you.

We hope that Mrs. Ramsey is feeling better and back with us next week! She was really sick and the kids missed her very much!

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Ramsey

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