Saturday, February 19, 2011

This week in the Green Room


Another busy week in the green room. We were so happy to have Mrs. Ramsey back on Thursday! All the kids were very curious about her absence and missed her very much (so did I).

February is dental hygiene month so we talked about this the entire week. We talked about the different parts of the tooth, the proper way to brush your teeth and how many times a day you should brush. We did a science experiment on Thursday with and hard boiled egg and some coke cola that really showed the kids the importance of good brushing. Ask you child what they thought of this experiment. It seemed to make a big impact on them. Even our artwork this week was inspired by dental hygiene month. We painted two pictures with tooth brushes. Your children all LOVE to paint! We also made a tooth puppet.

We painted a flag that is the first part of a project we will be finishing on Tuesday for Presidents Day.

We will be having our parent teacher conferences on March 14th and the sign-up sheet will be out shortly. Also, due to conferences we will not be having school on Thursday, March 17th. In addition the preschool follows the Olentangy school schedule for spring break which will be March 21-25th. We have scheduled our spring field trip for May 5th. We will be going to the Columbus Zoo. This will be just like the apple farm in that we will not have school this day but instead meet at the zoo (both parents and kids). It will be very fun and Mrs. Mendenhall is planning several fun experiences for us to have while at the zoo. We just wanted to give you a heads up of some of these important dates.

Next week will be the Letter O and the very special people for the week will be Abby (am) and Grace (pm).

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing your children and hopefully enjoying some nice weather again next week. We were all very happy to play outside again on Thursday and hope it continues for this next week.

Together we teach,
Sara Reed and Michelle Ramsey

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