Thursday, February 3, 2011


If Addie had one wish right now it would be to have babies. Really. I wish I knew where this recent obsession originated. She often talks about babies. Sometimes they're her babies. Sometimes they're her sisters and brothers. Regardless of the relationship, they will always come out of her belly. Because that's where babies come from, didn't ya know?!

She stretches and says it's "because I need to get bigger so I can have babies and take care of my brother and sister".

She proclaims she's full at dinner "because my babies are making my tummy too big".

She scoots the dresses in her closet over to one side to "make room for my babies' clothes".

She coddles her baby dolls, dresses them, changes diapers, feeds them, puts them down for naps, tells me I'm being too loud because her babies are sleeping, etc. It's all about the babies!

She is so funny when she talks about them. She tells me she's going to have a lot of babies and names them weird names. She wonders where they will all sleep and tells me I can come over to play with them, but only if I'm very gentle. I really need to get it on video. After a great conversation today, I pulled out my phone and tried to capture some of it. It had mostly ended so I had to probe for more. She's hilarious.

It's clear that my daughter is destined to be a mother, no doubt about it, but do most 3 year old girls talk like this? I'm sure it's just a phase. Before long, she'll be too into her friends and then (MUCH) later on, makeup, fashion, boys (EEEK!) and such to even think about babies.

I'll try to catch more of our chats another time.

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Julie said...

When Hannah talks about babies in her belly, she is talking about her poopies....she names them mommies, daddies, or babies, based on size ; )

There is lots of baby talk here. One of hers is named Triceratops (but she says "Sarahtops") - we read a dinosaur book recently...