Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last snow

Much to Addie's delight, we had a late March snow this year....hoping it's the last one of the season!  When we lived in Cleveland, it snowed a foot on my birthday (April 24th), so I'm not going to say another snow is impossible!  

Addie, ironically, woke up this morning asking if she could go sledding "this day".  I sort of laughed and thought to myself, "Yeah, if you lived in Alaska!"  I guess I should have looked at the weather forecast!  

Well, even with being the snow bunny I am (sarcasm), I thought I'd save this special moment for when Dustin got home from work.  Poor guy walked in the door after a long work day to see Addie waiting for him.  I may or may not have told her that her Daddy would take her out to build a snowman right when he got home from work.  He didn't mind, of course.  :)

 Riding the snow.  Just like our coast-living counterparts do with the waves!

This girlie LOVES her daddy!

 And there he is...good ole Frosty.  By the next morning, his head had fallen off and just a few hours later, his eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.  His body remained for a few days, albeit becoming more frail by the minute.   Just served as a nice little reminder that spring showers bring......snow.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

Addie experienced her first spring break this year, though she didn't realize it.  We went on with our normal schedules but threw in a couple extra play dates with some schoolmates in lieu of school, itself.  We had a great day of 60 degree weather to start off the week and hit up the zoo.  Fun was had by  :)   
Abby, Addie and Matthew (Maff-a-you) at the Zoo

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Half Pint Hullabaloo

We attended the Half Pint Hullabaloo this weekend. This annual event is geared toward preschoolers and provides a ton of activities for a morning of great fun!  We met some of our friends there (Matthew, from Addie's preschool class) and saw lots of other familiar faces!  Amongst many other things, Addie enjoyed...

Face Painting

 Musical entertainment


Making an I Spy bottle

Seeing her cousins, Aaron and Logan (Between Addie's pale winter skin and Aaron's expression, you'd think they saw a ghost!)

 Making Chase his very own I Spy bottle

Digging for dinosaurs (in oatmeal)

Making purple chalk

Dressing like a fireman(woman)

Building with blocks (the bounce house was also in this room - always a favorite!) 

Watching puppet shows put on by the police and fire departments.  She now knows about calling 9-1-1 in an emergency and not to go anywhere with strangers.  She's been repeating "If you don't know, don't go" all day.

Community Service Event

We went to an assisted living home for our most recent MOM's club community service event.  The kids danced and sang for the residents. In the past, Addie has kept her distance from those in wheelchairs and beds, but this time was much different.  She walked right up to everyone to say hi and hand them the green carnations we brought them for St. Patrick's Day.  Chase was in true form and stuck to me like glue. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011


Addie and Aaron with Coach Chad.  Coach Chad gave her a hard time about wearing that tutu!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bottle Update

Chase took his last sip from a bottle on 3/9. Awwwwww. :(

Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie in bed

Addie was watching a movie in my bed after her nap while we were waiting for Chase to wake from his. Once Chase woke up, I let him join her for a minute. He thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Doesn't he look bigger than her? Just about!

What's up, sis?

Addie's first Buckeyes Basketball game

Daddy took Addie to her first OSU Buckeyes basketball game yesterday. (They creamed Wisconsin 93-65.) She had a blast and can't wait to go to another one! Other than getting up to potty and get a hotdog and popcorn (lucky girl!), they stayed in their seats the entire time. She's a super fan! And the Buckeyes are ranked #1. What a great season to see her first game!

Super Kids and the King

We almost let them go to church like this but changed our minds last minute. I'm sure the congregation appreciated our judgement call. :)

Impossible to get a good picture at this age!


Addison and I had the sweetest conversation about Heaven on our way home from Church Saturday. It started when she asked where Jesus lived and I replied, "Heaven".

It caught me off guard and I tried to do my best to explain, yet not scare her. It went like this - not exactly verbatim and with some other side chatter in between:

A: Where is Heaven, Mommy?

M: Heaven is all around us.

A: When will we go to Heaven? When we get older?

M: Well, when God needs us, he'll send his Angels to come get us.

A: How will we get there?

M: We'll fly with the Angels.

A: But I don't have any wings.

M: The Angels will bring us wings. (At this point I'm choking back tears)

A: Will the angels bring me purple wings?

M: Of course, if that's what you'd like!

A: We need to watch a movie on our way because it's a REEEEAAAAALLLY long trip.

A: What will we do when we get to Heaven?

M: We'll play and laugh ALL DAY!

A: And then I'll stay with God?

M: Uh huh. (I'm almost unable to breathe by now)

A: But, I don't want to stay with God. (Cue the tears. Thank goodness she couldn't see me.)

M: It's okay sweetie, we all will stay with God and everything will be so wonderful and beautiful that we'll never want to leave.

A: Will God say, "ADDIE! CHASE! NOAH! FAIF(Faith)! COME TO HEAVEN!"? (My sister, niece, and nephew were at church with us)

M: Yep!

A: And then we'll go?

M: Yes, then we'll go to Heaven because God will need us.

A: To be his Angels?

M: You got it, babe!

A: I want to go home, Mommy.

M: Me too.

OH.MY.GOODNESS. That was a tough conversation. Yet, Addison's curiosity was full of the utmost innocence and excitement. Oh to know no sadness greater than a skinned knee....

Friday, March 4, 2011

The end of the bottle

Chase is nearing the end of the bottle era. Both our pediatrician and dentist recommend eliminating the bottle shortly after their first birthday (definitely by 15 months), so it's been in the plan but I wasn't quite sure how I was going to work it.

As it turns out, after our dentist appointment on Wednesday, I decided I would no longer give Chase a bottle at bedtime. The dentist didn't have a problem with continuing the bedtime bottle, but stressed the importance of brushing Chase's teeth after the bottle. We always brush right after bath and I like to get everything put away and cleaned up before we go to his chair to cuddle, read and get the bottle. So, rather than having to take him back into his bathroom to brush his teeth once he's all settled for bed (brushing his teeth isn't the most calming thing, per se) I decided to just NOT GIVE HIM THE BOTTLE! Tough love, baby! Honestly, he didn't seem to mind one bit. It made mommy sad as it's just another sign that he's growing up, but it's for the best.

So, March 1 was his last bottle before bedtime, which left 2 bottles at each nap. (Oh yes, he has been back on 2 naps for a few weeks now, with the exception of maybe a day or two a week, due to our schedules. I guess the "one nap a day" was short lived!) Anyway, on March 3, he gave himself his bottle before heading upstairs for his morning nap and as of today, March 4, he took no bottles at either nap time (he refused). So, I guess I'll start putting milk in his sippy and see how that works. We could very well be off the bottle within a week or so!

I just looked back to see when Addison was off the bottle. This whole time I thought it was right after her 1st birthday, but it turns out her last bottle was a few days prior to January 7th, which would put her just over 13 months. Funny how Chase is just over 13 months now and we are eliminating the bottle. I definitely didn't plan it this way.

This all made me recall a book we own, titled Let Me Hold You Longer. It's a tear jerker so I don't make a habit of reading it too much, unless Addison requests it. It's a book that encourages parents to savor not only their children's "firsts"—like first steps and first words—but the "lasts" as well. Most of us (I know I do) tend to rush through our children's lives, excited to reach the next milestone. But in doing so, we often miss their "lasts". Those lasts are so bittersweet, aren't they?

With that being said, I snapped a couple of pictures of Chase yesterday drinking what will ultimately be one of his last bottles ever.

For whatever reason, my heart aches a bit when I look at these...

While I realize that it's such a wonderfully amazing gift to be given the chance to raise and nurture a child through infancy and adolescence and into adulthood, I'll always miss my babies. I'm sure the nostalgia when I think of every stage of my children's lives will never completely fade. I am very thankful to have had this outlet to document it all!

This week in the Green Room


Such a fun week we had in the Green Room celebrating Dr Suess' birthday! Tuesday, we read Green Eggs and Ham and made "green eggs and ham" for our science experiment. We spoke about the eggs (yolk and whites) and took a survey to see if we liked the eggs or not.

On Thursday, we had a guest reader and read The Cat in the Hat. The kids enjoyed making their very own hats that they were able to take home! We have been able to go outside so please dress the kids accordingly. We have gravel on our playground so tennis shoes, for example, work best to keep the small gravel out of our shoes.

We celebrated the beginning of a new month... March and learned our new March song sung to the tune of the Muffin Man. Matthew and Shreya were the special persons of the week! Thanks for sharing. Danielle is the special person of the week for the AM class no PM special person. The letter "Qq" is the letter of the week for show and tell. Thanks again for the fantastic items the kids are bringing in.

March 14th are conferences if you have not already signed up and save the date for May 5th! We will be going to the zoo. More information to follow.

Thanks again. It has been great watching the kids grow and making new friends, such great kids to have in class!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Addison after soccer:

A: Mommy, my knee hurts. I think I need a band aid.

M: Honey, you don't need a band aid unless it's bleeding.

A: It is bleeding, Mommy. (lie) I hurt it at soccer. Someone kicked me with the ball.

M: Well, Addie, you know sometimes we might get hurt when we play soccer.

A: Why?

M: It's just the nature of the game. When someone kicks the ball, it could hit us and that would hurt. That's what happens in sports. You know, if you're going to play sports, you have to be a tough cookie....(continue lecture about how sports can be dangerous and if she wants to be an athlete, she's going to have to endure some pain along the way. Not just with possible injuries, but also with losing, etc.) Yes, I am sure my 3 year old comprehended every. single. word. of it. :) Have I mentioned she REALLY wants to play hockey? God. Save. Me.

A: Well, maybe I didn't hurt it at soccer. Maybe I hurt it getting into the car.

M: Okay, I'm sorry sweetie. We'll ice it when we get home.

A: Actually, I think there is a bug in my knee. Yeah, that's the problem, Mommy. Can you get it out? Can you get the bug out of my knee?

M: Addison, there couldn't be a bug in your knee. There is no way a bug could get in your knee.

A: Well, I think I bumped into Chase. That's the problem! I just remembered! So, we need to get a band aid when we get home. Okay, Mommy?

Keepin' up those pearly whites

The kiddos both went to the dentist this morning. Addison has been going every 6 months since she was a year, so if I'm calculating correctly, this is her 5th visit. Like the last couple of times, she did beautifully. She climbed right up into the chair and didn't even give a second thought to the fact that I was with Chase (who was having his checkup, simultaneously) a good majority of the time.

I looked over to find her sporting some shades and having some chapstick applied to her dry lips. She picked chocolate for her toothpaste flavor. Her very serious side always comes out when she's at appointments like this!

She told me the suction, or straw as they call it, was her least favorite part. You wouldn't have even known. The hygienist was great and talked to her the entire time, explaining everything she was doing. Addison seemed very interested. We left with a shiny new toothbrush, floss and a purple balloon. Addison told me "I really love going to the dentist". She's such a good girl!

Now, Chase on the other hand. He wasn't the happiest camper. Of course I expected this as I clearly remember Addison's ear-piercing screams the first couple of times she visited the dentist. Chase actually didn't do terribly, but definitely wasn't fond of having a stranger's hand in his mouth. After a cleaning and fluoride treatment, he turned to Grandma to save him!

Making sure that crazy lady isn't planning to come near him again!

Both kids received great remarks on their teeth. It appears we are doing a good job taking care of them. Whew!

We floss Addison every night and need to start with Chase - an idea I am certain he will not like. We also need to make sure to pay special attention when flossing Addison's back teeth as they are pretty close together.

Chase's oral frenulum is considered "thick" but not too low and they don't think it will cause the teeth to gap. However, we do have to take special care when brushing his teeth to be sure we're getting under his gums. They showed me how to do this. If the frenulum doesn't cause a problem, they won't do anything about it. They wouldn't do anything at this point, anyway.

Oh, and they also said an adult should be brushing their teeth until they are TWELVE! Crazy to think about brushing my 6th graders teeth, but I'm not surprised this is what they recommend. And you better believe I'll follow that advice. No reason to set them up for unnecessary teeth problems! Hopefully they won't mind. We just won't tell their friends. :)

Glad to have that appointment over for the next few months and thankful Grandma was with me to help out!