Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Addison after soccer:

A: Mommy, my knee hurts. I think I need a band aid.

M: Honey, you don't need a band aid unless it's bleeding.

A: It is bleeding, Mommy. (lie) I hurt it at soccer. Someone kicked me with the ball.

M: Well, Addie, you know sometimes we might get hurt when we play soccer.

A: Why?

M: It's just the nature of the game. When someone kicks the ball, it could hit us and that would hurt. That's what happens in sports. You know, if you're going to play sports, you have to be a tough cookie....(continue lecture about how sports can be dangerous and if she wants to be an athlete, she's going to have to endure some pain along the way. Not just with possible injuries, but also with losing, etc.) Yes, I am sure my 3 year old comprehended every. single. word. of it. :) Have I mentioned she REALLY wants to play hockey? God. Save. Me.

A: Well, maybe I didn't hurt it at soccer. Maybe I hurt it getting into the car.

M: Okay, I'm sorry sweetie. We'll ice it when we get home.

A: Actually, I think there is a bug in my knee. Yeah, that's the problem, Mommy. Can you get it out? Can you get the bug out of my knee?

M: Addison, there couldn't be a bug in your knee. There is no way a bug could get in your knee.

A: Well, I think I bumped into Chase. That's the problem! I just remembered! So, we need to get a band aid when we get home. Okay, Mommy?

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