Friday, March 4, 2011

The end of the bottle

Chase is nearing the end of the bottle era. Both our pediatrician and dentist recommend eliminating the bottle shortly after their first birthday (definitely by 15 months), so it's been in the plan but I wasn't quite sure how I was going to work it.

As it turns out, after our dentist appointment on Wednesday, I decided I would no longer give Chase a bottle at bedtime. The dentist didn't have a problem with continuing the bedtime bottle, but stressed the importance of brushing Chase's teeth after the bottle. We always brush right after bath and I like to get everything put away and cleaned up before we go to his chair to cuddle, read and get the bottle. So, rather than having to take him back into his bathroom to brush his teeth once he's all settled for bed (brushing his teeth isn't the most calming thing, per se) I decided to just NOT GIVE HIM THE BOTTLE! Tough love, baby! Honestly, he didn't seem to mind one bit. It made mommy sad as it's just another sign that he's growing up, but it's for the best.

So, March 1 was his last bottle before bedtime, which left 2 bottles at each nap. (Oh yes, he has been back on 2 naps for a few weeks now, with the exception of maybe a day or two a week, due to our schedules. I guess the "one nap a day" was short lived!) Anyway, on March 3, he gave himself his bottle before heading upstairs for his morning nap and as of today, March 4, he took no bottles at either nap time (he refused). So, I guess I'll start putting milk in his sippy and see how that works. We could very well be off the bottle within a week or so!

I just looked back to see when Addison was off the bottle. This whole time I thought it was right after her 1st birthday, but it turns out her last bottle was a few days prior to January 7th, which would put her just over 13 months. Funny how Chase is just over 13 months now and we are eliminating the bottle. I definitely didn't plan it this way.

This all made me recall a book we own, titled Let Me Hold You Longer. It's a tear jerker so I don't make a habit of reading it too much, unless Addison requests it. It's a book that encourages parents to savor not only their children's "firsts"—like first steps and first words—but the "lasts" as well. Most of us (I know I do) tend to rush through our children's lives, excited to reach the next milestone. But in doing so, we often miss their "lasts". Those lasts are so bittersweet, aren't they?

With that being said, I snapped a couple of pictures of Chase yesterday drinking what will ultimately be one of his last bottles ever.

For whatever reason, my heart aches a bit when I look at these...

While I realize that it's such a wonderfully amazing gift to be given the chance to raise and nurture a child through infancy and adolescence and into adulthood, I'll always miss my babies. I'm sure the nostalgia when I think of every stage of my children's lives will never completely fade. I am very thankful to have had this outlet to document it all!

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Katie said...

So well written and so true! I couldn't agree with you more. They grow up way too fast and although it is great to see them do new things, it is so hard to let go of their baby stages. I keep telling Brady to slow it down!