Monday, March 7, 2011


Addison and I had the sweetest conversation about Heaven on our way home from Church Saturday. It started when she asked where Jesus lived and I replied, "Heaven".

It caught me off guard and I tried to do my best to explain, yet not scare her. It went like this - not exactly verbatim and with some other side chatter in between:

A: Where is Heaven, Mommy?

M: Heaven is all around us.

A: When will we go to Heaven? When we get older?

M: Well, when God needs us, he'll send his Angels to come get us.

A: How will we get there?

M: We'll fly with the Angels.

A: But I don't have any wings.

M: The Angels will bring us wings. (At this point I'm choking back tears)

A: Will the angels bring me purple wings?

M: Of course, if that's what you'd like!

A: We need to watch a movie on our way because it's a REEEEAAAAALLLY long trip.

A: What will we do when we get to Heaven?

M: We'll play and laugh ALL DAY!

A: And then I'll stay with God?

M: Uh huh. (I'm almost unable to breathe by now)

A: But, I don't want to stay with God. (Cue the tears. Thank goodness she couldn't see me.)

M: It's okay sweetie, we all will stay with God and everything will be so wonderful and beautiful that we'll never want to leave.

A: Will God say, "ADDIE! CHASE! NOAH! FAIF(Faith)! COME TO HEAVEN!"? (My sister, niece, and nephew were at church with us)

M: Yep!

A: And then we'll go?

M: Yes, then we'll go to Heaven because God will need us.

A: To be his Angels?

M: You got it, babe!

A: I want to go home, Mommy.

M: Me too.

OH.MY.GOODNESS. That was a tough conversation. Yet, Addison's curiosity was full of the utmost innocence and excitement. Oh to know no sadness greater than a skinned knee....


Christin Poterek said...

That is SO precious, Kristi!! You are such a good mom, especially with how you talk with your kids about the most important things.

Cathy and Marshall said...

So sweet, Kristi. I agree with Christin, you always have the best answers no matter what they say!