Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last snow

Much to Addie's delight, we had a late March snow this year....hoping it's the last one of the season!  When we lived in Cleveland, it snowed a foot on my birthday (April 24th), so I'm not going to say another snow is impossible!  

Addie, ironically, woke up this morning asking if she could go sledding "this day".  I sort of laughed and thought to myself, "Yeah, if you lived in Alaska!"  I guess I should have looked at the weather forecast!  

Well, even with being the snow bunny I am (sarcasm), I thought I'd save this special moment for when Dustin got home from work.  Poor guy walked in the door after a long work day to see Addie waiting for him.  I may or may not have told her that her Daddy would take her out to build a snowman right when he got home from work.  He didn't mind, of course.  :)

 Riding the snow.  Just like our coast-living counterparts do with the waves!

This girlie LOVES her daddy!

 And there he is...good ole Frosty.  By the next morning, his head had fallen off and just a few hours later, his eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.  His body remained for a few days, albeit becoming more frail by the minute.   Just served as a nice little reminder that spring showers bring......snow.  

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The Goldmans said...

Love how she's looking at Dustin in that one picture, so sweet.