Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chase - 14 months old

This was drafted WEEKS ago....not going to go back to edit because I'm so far behind.  Not to mention he's now 15 months, so I'll have to get to updating that soon!  Anyway.....

I've been really bad about posting anything that requires much thought lately.  I feel like I haven't had the time to really sit down and think!  We probably over scheduled ourselves these last few months - soccer and swim lessons on Mondays, school, jump bunch and gymnastics on Tuesdays, playgroup on Wednesdays, school on Thursdays, and dance and gymnastics on Fridays.  And those are just the events we commit to each week.  Add in all the other errands and activities, meals, naps, cleaning, organizing, a dozen or so loads of laundry a week, etc. etc. etc. and you are left with little time remaining for this momma to sit down and talk about her sweet, sweet boy at 14 months old!

Given what I just said, I guess it's probably not necessary to even mention that I haven't picked up my camera (iPhone not included) in weeks to snap any pictures of the kiddos.  This is especially sad since I have an old/new friend who has agreed to mentor me in photography.  We went out to lunch recently and I learned some great tips on how to appropriately shoot in manual.  My homework was to go home, practice, and let her know when I'm ready for another dose.  Let's just say, I'm a terrible student!  Fortunately for us, she's a wonderful photographer and came over to get some AMAZING shots of us a few weeks ago.  Once I receive the CD, I will post some.  In the meantime, in honor of my baby boy's 14 monthiversary, here are a couple:

ISN'T HE JUST PRECIOUS!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

Chase is my little cuddle bug.  He will just lay in my arms for hours and if I am not constantly kissing him, he whimpers to let me know he wants more.  He is an amazing little boy.

In terms of size, he's still on the bigger side, but his growth has definitely slowed.  He weighs about 26 pounds, wears 18, 18-24 month and 24 month size clothes, size 4 and 5 (at night) diapers, and a size 5 or 5 1/2 shoe.

He has 8 teeth going on 12 (working on that first set of molars).  He is pretty good about us brushing his teeth.  I love his teeth.  That's probably weird.  :)

He sleeps for about 12-13 hours at night and takes either 1 or 2 naps a day.  He naps anywhere from 2-5 hours a day, but averages 2.5-3 each day.  He's a good sleeper - no problems there!

In terms of his vocabulary, he really isn't saying much yet.  He says mama, dada, bubba, and ball.  He also makes the SH sound a lot and I think he might be referring to Addie (Sissy).  He whispers, so it makes it hard to make out anything!  He also talks with his mouth closed - again making it difficult to understand what he is trying to say.  He makes a vroom-vroom noise with his mouth closed when referring to trucks, cars, trains, etc.

He can get loud and jabber away when he wants to, but for the most part, he's a pretty quiet, reserved guy.  I can not tell you how many times someone will walk into our house, be greeted (loudly and excitedly) by Addison, start chatting with me or something of the like, and a couple minutes later inquire, "Where's Chase?"  That's when I point to a spot 3 feet away where the little man is sitting, just taking it all in. :)

Granted, a lot of the time, he is sitting in his high chair eating and when there is food involved, Chase is very focused.  Such a guy!  The only instance you'll hear a peep from him during meal times is when he has run out of food!  He eats a ton.  He eats everything that is put in front of him.  It would take me all day to list all the food he's tried.  If you're curious, just go into your refrigerator and pantry and take a look around - you can pretty much assume he's tried (and liked) most everything you see.  :)

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