Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Easter fell on my birthday this year, so it was an extra special day.  We had some company in for the weekend - Mom, Phil, Julie, Josh, Noah and Faith - and Dustin's family and a couple of our friends joined us for brunch as well.   It was such a fun day!

 Easter baskets!

We started a tradition a few years back to hide the kid's Easter baskets and let them search for them.  After getting ready for church, they went searching!

Addie found hers behind the sofa

The Easter Bunny hid Noah's behind the drapes

Addie finally got a Pillow Pet - has been wanting one since Christmas!



 We hid 75 Easter eggs for the kids and Chase found them before the egg hunt began!

Addie, Noah and Aaron ready to hunt for eggs on floor #1

Let the hunt on floor #2 begin!

Hunting on floor #3.

Checking out their eggs!

A couple attempts at a family picture

Chase with Gammy and Poppy

Chase and Gammy

Dustin and I with my birthday cake - German chocolate!  Thanks, Debbie!

One of our little bunnies about ready to call it a night!


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