Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chase 11 months

At 11 months, Chase continues to be the happiest baby (almost not a baby anymore - SO SAD!) in the world. I don't just say this because I'm biased. He really is just happy as a clam 99.9% of the time. He gets antsy when we're not replenishing the food on his tray quickly enough and only cries when he gets hurt. But, it REALLY has to hurt to get him to that level. I'm talking, "OOOH, I heard that crack when he threw his head into that hard table leg" type of hurt. Because it's so unusual, when he does cry, it's just heartbreaking.

Chase has beautiful hazel eyes that just draw you in. He seems to melt in the arms of whomever is holding him. He likes attention. He is super sweet and cuddly and might be a little flirty. ;)

He's mostly on finger foods. We have introduced a few new foods to his diet, including blueberries, grapes, and mandarin oranges. He also tried chocolate soft serve ice cream for the first time this month. He couldn't get enough! He takes 3 bottles a day, 5-6 ounces each. He drinks from a sippy cup, but hasn't mastered the act. He tends to choke on the ones with bigger holes in the spout (Born Free) and doesn't get anything out of the other ones (Foogo, Playtex, etc.).

He weighs around 24 1/2 pounds and is long. Before we know it, he's going to be grown out of his 18-24 month clothes. He wears a size 4.5 shoe. He's still in a size 4 diaper.

His sleeping schedule is the same. On a typical day, he wakes up between 7:15-7:45. Naps from 9:30-11:30 and again from 1:30 or 2 - 3 or 3:30. Bedtime between 6-6:15.

He's crawling on all 4's, but mostly army crawls for speed. He's pulling up onto his knees. I think he'll be pulling to his feet in no time, but it may be a while before he's standing on his own and I really don't see him walking anytime soon.

He has 7 teeth, going on 8. And boy are they cute!

One big development this month is that it appears he may be phasing into one nap. Several times in recent weeks, he's slept in until 8:15 or 8:30 and has had no problem staying up until 1 or so, when he usually goes down for an afternoon nap. In those instances, he's slept 2-3 hours. There are other times when he seems to have a hard time falling to sleep for a nap. He eventually does, so I'm not sure what to make of it just yet.

He loves balls and is halfway saying the word (is that possible?) and loves unstacking things that I stack. He also likes to eat books and cardboard boxes. Yummy!

He likes to do the "so big" motion with his arms and thinks it's so funny to put his hands in his hair while eating. He also thinks that signing is funny. I sign "more", "all done", "bath", "night night", "milk", "water", and "banana", and he just cracks up! Hmmm..... :)

I think I covered the majority here. I should really start writing things down as I think about them because it's easy to forget. And I never want to forget! I could just bottle Chase up and keep him at 11 months forever. Though I like to tell people that my children are like fine wine...they get better with age.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Addison and Chase received a very cool gift for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Frazier. It was actually intended for Chase, but he's a very good sharer and fortunately, the weight limit is up to 40 pounds, so Addison will be able to ride it until she's like, 8. Chase will probably outgrow it before her. HA!

They love this thing!

Merry Christmas - Part 2

Celebrating with my side of the family who all came to Columbus, knowing I wouldn't feel up to traveling. So much fun!

Merry Christmas - Part 1

I love watching my kid's faces on Christmas morning. Every year is going to get better!

Friday, December 24, 2010

EARLY Christmas Morn

I've included this picture because I am proud of the outdoor lights I put up all by myself!

Did the garland, too. :)

Wrigley on the watch...

Santa came! He ate his cookies, drank his milk, filled our stockings and under our trees, and left a letter.

Christmas Eve - Part 2

After arriving back home, Addison went outside to sprinkle glitter dust on the lawn so Santa and his reindeer would be able to find our house. She loved this!

"Sprinkle on the lawn at night. The moon will make it sparkle bright. As Santa's reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home."

We then came back inside to set the cookie and milk out for Santa. Addison helped me word the letter.

She decided she wanted a cookie, too.

Santa won't mind if we drink some of his milk.

He comes through there?

Christmas Eve - Part 1

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Uncle Damon and Aunt Kathy's today. I was, surprisingly, feeling pretty good. It must have been the Christmas Spirit. Oh, and getting showered and dressed may have helped a little. :) I've gotten pretty used to these surgeries and probably have a little easier time recovering than the average novice surgery patient.

It was wonderful spending time with family and sharing gifts. We all had a great time....until Aaron lost all his cookies. Literally. He had consumed 8 or 9 cookies, unbeknownst to his parents until he confessed, earlier that day and it eventually caught up with him. Poor guy! Never a dull moment when Fraziers are involved!