Saturday, June 21, 2008

Olde Worthington Art Festival

Mommy, Daddy, Wrigley and I went to the Olde Worthington Art Festival today. Mommy and Daddy went specifically to see one artist but decided that since it was such a nice day we'd walk around. For 3 hours! I dozed off for a little bit but while I was awake I saw some really pretty art. I helped Mommy and Daddy pick out a really cool piece.

I had a great time being strolled around and the weather was just perfect.

Wrigley got a ride, too.

Daddy can't go to a festival and not get his fresh cut french fries. Yes, he ate the whole thing. Okay, Mommy had a few, too. :)

Daddy feeding me oatmeal for the first time (can you tell?)

Mommy, did you see what's going on here?
Daddy is making a mess.
Thank goodness he is cleaning me up.
Are you going to let this happen again?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Waking up from a nap

On her belly, of course. So much for the "back to sleep" campaign!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Butternut Squash

Tonight I tried Butternut Squash. I gobbled it all up. It was so yummy! Mommy is making all of my food from organic fruits and veggies. She says it is really easy and not very time consuming. (Aunt Julie, you could do it for sure!) I smelled apples cooking yesterday....I wonder when I am getting those!

Here comes the airplane.

Eyeing the dish for more.

What, there is no more?

How about if I give you sad eyes. Then will there be more?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frog legs

After much practice and a couple of hiatuses, Addison is back to rolling pretty consistently. Today she rolled every which way. It's really the first time that she has purposely rolled onto her belly. Usually she does everything she can to get off it! I've learned that if you put Leap in front of her, anything is possible!
There you are Leap.

You look yummy.
Now you're all mine.

I want to eat you.

Get in my belly.

Into my mouth you go.

Yum, frog legs.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Park with Gammy and Mommy

So Gammy came all the way up to Columbus to watch my swim lessons today and guess what...they were cancelled! The lifeguards heard some thunder and wouldn't let us into the pool. My swim lessons are in the indoor pool, too. I was bummed that I couldn't go swimming (especially since it was sunny outside and didn't think it was necessary to cancel my lessons) but then I had a great idea. I said "Gammy, they're crazy. Don't worry, we'll still have fun today. Let's go to the park!" And that's just what we did. The park is only a few minute walk from our house and I've been wanting to show it to Gammy for awhile now so it worked out perfectly. We had so much fun!

Me and my Gams

Me checking out the big kids playing

Wondering why I can't play with the big kids

Sporting my shades

We thought I lost my yellow ring at the party this weekend, but then we found it in the back of our car. Thank goodness!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!

Bubba and I both think that you are the best daddy in the entire world! I wouldn't trade you for a bagillion dollars! Thank you for always taking care of us and Mommy.
I hope you like the hat I got you. Mommy said you didn't wear it to the baseball game, though. I don't think that was part of the deal, Daddy. It's okay, you'll always be the King of the Castle!

Your Princess

60 years of marriage

My Great Grandma and Grandpa have been married for 60 years. Wow, that's a long time!!! We had a big party to celebrate. There were over 120 people there - mostly family - and mostly people I hadn't met since I have only been out of hiding for a little over a month. :) Mommy told me how big our family was but I had to see it for myself to believe it! It's HUGE! I even met some 5th cousins. Isn't that crazy? Some of my family talked kinda funny and mommy said it's because they are from Texas. Mommy said it's always a hoot when you mix the Ohioans and Texans. I don't really know what that means but hopefully some day I can find out!

Here I am pulling up to the party, not quite aware of what is in store for me!
And here I am partway through the party - all tuckered out! Those are some of my 4th cousins in the background.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sweet Potatoes

My first solid food (other than cereal) was sweet taters. I loved them! Gammy says it looks like I'm wearing a tablecloth but mommy just wanted to make sure I didn't ruin my pretty dress so she put an extra large bib on me. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Mommy, if you don't feed me I'm going to eat my burp cloth.

I'm so hungry I can hardly stand it.

I swear I'm going to chew my fingers off.
Yum, is that my bottle I see?

Monday, June 9, 2008

First day of swim lessons

Today was my first day of swim lessons. My friend, Ariana, and I are the youngest little fishies in the class and our instructor, Ryan, said that I was the best floater and Ariana was the best kicker! We blew bubbles, floated, kicked, played Humpty Dumpty and Ring around the Rosy and played with noodles and floaty toys. We had so much fun and I loved chillin' in the water. I wasn't nearly as crazy as I am when I am in the bathtub but that's because I didn't want to show off on my first day...not because I'm lazy, mommy! :) We took a quick picture once the lesson was over. Mom is almost embarrased to put it up but I told her that since it was my first swim lesson EVER that she just had to! We hope to get better pictures next time!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Kye Kye and Ben got me this adorable outfit because they know how much I love cupcakes! Mom has been waiting for it to be warm enough to put me in it. Now that it's in the 90's here (HOT!), we thought it was safe. Thank goodness we didn't wait much longer - another week and it might not fit! Mom squeezed my rolls (and cleavage) into the outfit and since we're not sure I'll be able to wear it again, she snapped a couple pictures so they could see how cute I looked!

My Daddy is so funny

Oh Dad, you're too much!

Mom, is this what you mean by "sit there pretty and smile"?

Thanks, guys. We miss you!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Our cold is nearing the end....we think!

It has been a long week. Sick babies are no fun. Actually, surprisingly Addison hasn't been too fussy. She still smiles and laughs and LOVES when her daddy comes home from work. I get tears in my eyes every time she gives me a signature grin because I think about how miserable she feels, yet she is still sweet enough to give me lovin'. She developed this nasty little cough a few days ago, which took us back to the doctor. Unfortunately they couldn't do anything for us, so I've been praying for patience as we wait it out! Every time she would cough, a raspy little cry would follow. It was so sad, I could hardly bear it. I could just feel her pain each time her little chest would rattle. Knowing that she's a preemie with underdeveloped lungs made it even more difficult to handle!

Oh, and you should see what I get out of her nose. Holy crap! Okay, so I have to admit, I am semi-obsessive about boogers. Every time I see that Addison has one up there, I just can't wait for it to work it's way down so I can get it! My mom and mother-in-law often have to remind me that even though the boogers bother me, they aren't bothering Addison and to leave it alone! My sister-in-law told me about this battery operated nasal aspirator that plays music and being the nasal aspirating enthusiast that I am, I had to get one. I didn't have the chance to use it until this week and boy am I glad I had the handy dandy little guy. It has been my best friend all week. Addison's, too. The girl loves it. She gets all wide eyed and excited every time she sees it. I know what you're thinking - she's probably scared to death -but I swear she really likes it! I start the music and she just sits there like a little angel and lets me suck all the bad stuff from her nose. It is so gratifying...for both of us. Immediately my stuffed-up little girl can breathe and feels so much better. I then go to the sink, take apart the contraption and watch inches of mucus ooze it's way into my sink. I love that part! I haven't found too many baby items that I "can't live without" (this makes 3), so when I find one, I just have to share. Here it is...drum roll please....the Bebesounds Nasal Clear Nasal Aspirator:
As I mentioned before, we transitioned Addison to her crib last week and she did amazingly well. Well, due to this wicked little cold, she went back into her car seat. I hated to take the step backwards, but I couldn't bear to lay her flat on her back being as congested as she was. This week made me realize how spoiled we had become with her sleeping through the night. She had a few nighttime wakings, mostly when she would cough. Each little cry said "Mommy, come hold me". So, I would. One night I was so tired and turned off the monitor. When I woke up 45 minutes later, I realized she was still crying. I immediately ran up to her and promised her that I wouldn't ever do that again (not while she is feeling so yucky, at least). The guilt. Let me tell you about the guilt. No, never mind...I'm sure a lot of you can relate.
So, today I was comfortable putting her back into her crib. The naps didn't go so well, but she went down for the night at 7pm and with the exception of crying from getting her arm stuck in the crib slats, it's been quiet so far (it's 9:30pm now). Wish us luck!
If this arm in the crib slat thing happens again, you can bet what the 4th baby item "I can't live without" will be....a breathable bumper.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More on the Avon Walk for Breast cancer

This is quoted from mommy's best friend in the entire world, Emily, who walked 39+ miles in honor of mommy last weekend:

This past weekend, I participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to help support those fighting breast cancer. I was one of 4,000 participants walking for a cure. We raised $9.1 million…7 new grants totaling over $4 million have already been distributed throughout the Chicago area from this funding. It was through the support of you, my family and friends, that I was able to accomplish my goals…I raised over $2,000 and walked 39.3 miles. Walking 26.2 miles in 9 hours on Saturday and another 13.1 miles in 5 hours on Sunday wasn’t easy…to put it into perspective, downtown Chicago to O’Hare airport is 17 miles…a round trip between downtown and the airport falls about 5 miles short of what I walked…and to think I have been wasting all this money on cabs when I could just walk to and from the airport.

While the walk may have been one of the hardest things I have ever faced, it pales in comparison to what breast cancer survivors face every day. A poster along the way said it all…blisters don’t need chemo. Throughout the walk, I was amazed by the gratitude and support of volunteers and supporters. Over and over, we heard people say “thank you for walking.” Those volunteers, those families touched by breast cancer cheering us on, and the 289 survivors participating kept me going. At mile 20, the fatigue set in…the aching legs, the tired feet… but my inspiration for this walk, my best friend Kristi, kept me going. I even pictured her walking with us at one point…although as my friend Kate pointed out, Kristi’s competitive spirit would have meant we most likely wouldn’t be able to keep up with her!

First of all, Aunt Emily, what you wrote was very nice. Mommy and I think you are amazing and we are soooooooo proud of you! Second of all, do you know how many cute outfits you will be able to buy me with all that money you're going to save from walking to the airport from now on? Lastly, we're going to have to discuss your last comment about my mommy's "competitive spirit". Really, you're just going to have to expand on that because I haven't noticed?!?! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Some of Mommy's friends from Chicago walked in the 2 day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. 39 miles! Mommy and I are so proud of them and I wanted to thank them for walking in honor of my mommy. Thank you Em, Kate, and Jennie! We love you!!!

Here is what Kate wrote in her blog about the event. It made Mommy cry (good tears):

Guess who has her first cold?

The poor baby has been sick since Friday night when we noticed a runny nose after her bath. It came on so quickly. Needless to say, we didn't sleep much that night. She went to see the doctor on Saturday because she was running a fever. The doctor confirmed a cold and recommended tylenol to help her feel better/sleep. Addison has the saddest little whimper and her throat sounds so sore. She doesn't even cry - that's how miserable she feels! Colds are no fun (for any of us)- we hope this passes soon!

The doctor she went to see was the on-call doc for the weekend (not her regular pediatrician). Her comment when she saw Addison was "You're a preemie? Boy, you don't miss a meal, do you?" HAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa! I told Addison that was a compliment. Maybe not so much when she is a teenager....

Oh, and she's starting to teethe. Can't the girl catch a break?????

Just look at those eyes. Poor girl!