Monday, June 9, 2008

First day of swim lessons

Today was my first day of swim lessons. My friend, Ariana, and I are the youngest little fishies in the class and our instructor, Ryan, said that I was the best floater and Ariana was the best kicker! We blew bubbles, floated, kicked, played Humpty Dumpty and Ring around the Rosy and played with noodles and floaty toys. We had so much fun and I loved chillin' in the water. I wasn't nearly as crazy as I am when I am in the bathtub but that's because I didn't want to show off on my first day...not because I'm lazy, mommy! :) We took a quick picture once the lesson was over. Mom is almost embarrased to put it up but I told her that since it was my first swim lesson EVER that she just had to! We hope to get better pictures next time!

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Cristi said...

Embarassed of what? What an amazing miraculous picture.