Monday, June 2, 2008

Guess who has her first cold?

The poor baby has been sick since Friday night when we noticed a runny nose after her bath. It came on so quickly. Needless to say, we didn't sleep much that night. She went to see the doctor on Saturday because she was running a fever. The doctor confirmed a cold and recommended tylenol to help her feel better/sleep. Addison has the saddest little whimper and her throat sounds so sore. She doesn't even cry - that's how miserable she feels! Colds are no fun (for any of us)- we hope this passes soon!

The doctor she went to see was the on-call doc for the weekend (not her regular pediatrician). Her comment when she saw Addison was "You're a preemie? Boy, you don't miss a meal, do you?" HAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa! I told Addison that was a compliment. Maybe not so much when she is a teenager....

Oh, and she's starting to teethe. Can't the girl catch a break?????

Just look at those eyes. Poor girl!


Jessica said...

Hey Kristi!!
You don't know me and I really can't remember how I came across your blog, but I am glad that I did!! Your daughter is adorable and you are AMAZING!!! My name is Jessica and my husband and I have two children. Our daughter Hallie is 4 and our son Kade is 1. We live in Underwood, North Dakota. I just thought that I would post a comment and say that your blog is great and it is one that I check everyday to see what is going on with Addison and see how you are doing. Thanks again for sharing your blog and your story with me. I am sooo excited a group of my friends and I are walking in the "Relay for Life" walk this Friday (6-6). Well I hope to hear back from you. Take Care

Jessica Opp
Underwood, ND

Kara Kopecky (Miller) said...

Kristi - she is the cutest baby I've ever seen, and I am not kidding you!! What a face!! But then, look at her mama, no surprise where she got the looks from :)

I'm still praying for you - your story is such an inspiration!!

Take care,
Kara Kopecky (Miller)