Monday, June 16, 2008

Park with Gammy and Mommy

So Gammy came all the way up to Columbus to watch my swim lessons today and guess what...they were cancelled! The lifeguards heard some thunder and wouldn't let us into the pool. My swim lessons are in the indoor pool, too. I was bummed that I couldn't go swimming (especially since it was sunny outside and didn't think it was necessary to cancel my lessons) but then I had a great idea. I said "Gammy, they're crazy. Don't worry, we'll still have fun today. Let's go to the park!" And that's just what we did. The park is only a few minute walk from our house and I've been wanting to show it to Gammy for awhile now so it worked out perfectly. We had so much fun!

Me and my Gams

Me checking out the big kids playing

Wondering why I can't play with the big kids

Sporting my shades

We thought I lost my yellow ring at the party this weekend, but then we found it in the back of our car. Thank goodness!

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