Saturday, June 21, 2008

Olde Worthington Art Festival

Mommy, Daddy, Wrigley and I went to the Olde Worthington Art Festival today. Mommy and Daddy went specifically to see one artist but decided that since it was such a nice day we'd walk around. For 3 hours! I dozed off for a little bit but while I was awake I saw some really pretty art. I helped Mommy and Daddy pick out a really cool piece.

I had a great time being strolled around and the weather was just perfect.

Wrigley got a ride, too.

Daddy can't go to a festival and not get his fresh cut french fries. Yes, he ate the whole thing. Okay, Mommy had a few, too. :)

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McCollough's said...

Hey Kristy! It's your cousin from Texas! I found your blog through your other website and wanted to leave you a comment! You've been in my prayers and I've heard you are doing great! So glad you are done with that nasty chemo. You are one strong cookie! Your daughter is cute as a button. Keep in touch through my blog. We've had some exciting news and hope to hear from you soon.

Talk to you soon,