Monday, July 7, 2008

Trip to Chicago

I know you've all probably been wondering where I've been lately, haven't you? Well, I'll tell you. I've been on vacation! It all started with a trip to Chicago....

The first day we were there, we went to lunch and visited with Mommy's friends, Kate and Jennie. Kate has a daughter named Lily and even though Mommy tells me about her and reads her blog to me, I hadn't yet met her in person. It was nice to finally do so! Lily is 6 months older than me and knows how to clap, wave, point to certain parts of her body, talk a little bit and eat big people food! She is going to teach me all sorts of cool things when I get older.

Me and Lily. She didn't want to sit still for too long!

Me and Mommy with Lily and her Mommy, Kate.
Me and Jennie. I know I'm fair skinned, but geez...

That day I realized that now that I'm a big girl, I can feed myself....and ever since I don't want anyone else feeding me!

The next day, we went to see the baseball field where Mommy's favorite baseball team, the Cubs, play. Would you believe that someone named the field after my doggy? And guess what else!? The street that the field sits on is named after me!!!!!!!!!! See for yourself....

Told ya so! And just when I didn't think things could get crazier, we realized that they named a hamburger after my doggy's nickname.

Man, I hope we are getting paid royalties or something!

On Sunday, Mommy, Daddy, Emily and I met up with Mommy's friend, Erin, for lunch.

Erin, Mommy, and me.

And I bet you know who these two crazy people are!
Of course Emily knows how much I love kisses!

To end my weekend in Chicago, Mommy's friend, Meganne, came to see me. I loved Meganne so much! I was laughing and smiling the whole time I was with her.

I was having so much fun in Chicago that I didn't want to leave. But I was very excited for my first trip out of the country! To Canada we go.....


Lori said...

My niece is the cutest niece on the planet. Please tell her that aunt Lori can't wait to get the pictures in her hands.

Julie said...

Now that we're both back in town, we need to get together. We're around all week.....Looks like you had a great trip to Chicago.