Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swimmy Lessons

Every Monday when I wake up Mommy asks, "Hey Punkin', are you ready for swimmy lessons?" Then I flail my arms (in an attempt to clap) and scream in delight. Gammy was with us Monday and this time there wasn't lightning, so Gammy was actually able to watch me swim (and take lots of pictures).

Me and my momma

Floating on my back

Floating on the noodle and kicking on my back. It looks like I'm doing this all by myself, doesn't it?
My favorite part of swimmy lessons - drinking the water. I learned how to do this from my Bubba.
Hi Gammy!

Kicking while on my belly. I am so determined!

Practicing front crawl by going after the duck.

And my reward is eating the duck!

Chatting with my swimmy instructor, Ryan.

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