Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To Grandmother's house we go

Mommy and I (oh, and Bubba of course) are in Dayton visiting my Gammy and Poppy for a couple days. It's a nice change of scenery but we sure do miss my Daddy! It's my first time staying at Gammy and Poppy's house and I am being a really good girl. I am taking 2 naps a day for about 2 hours each and sleeping 12 hours straight at night. Just like mommy, I love my sleep! In between my naps, we've gone to the park, shopped for furniture, and just played around the house.

Yesterday, mommy went to dinner with her best friend from high school. Emily came to visit me before dinner and thought I was just cute as a button....even though I was a little cranky because it was getting close to my bedtime. Unfortunately, this didn't make for a good picture opportunity. Mommy was really bummed out. But Emily is going to come visit us soon in Columbus and we'll be sure to take lots of pictures then!

Today, my Aunt Beth came over to play. I showed her how I hold my toes and then we played with our toes together. What fun!

I spent some time admiring Aunt Beth's long, tanned legs. I hope my legs look like that someday! Aunt Beth really made me feel better when she told me that she looked just like me (in terms of chubbiness) when she was my age. This means there is hope for me, after all. YAY!!!

I had just finished my peas when Poppy came home from work. It was about time for my bath but we managed to get in a few minutes of QT (quality time). I go to bed so early (6:30-7) that Poppy wasn't sure he'd be able to see me. Daddy runs into the same problem. If only I could win the lottery so no one had to work late hours and could spend all their time playing with me!

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