Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Noah's Baptism

My cousin, Noah, was Baptised on Sunday the 13th. I was so happy to be at his Baptism with my Mommy and Daddy. Noah was at my baptism, too, but he didn't see much because he was in my Aunt Julie's belly. My Aunt Julie had a really big belly at the time...and Noah came less than 2 weeks later! Anyway, I digress. So, Mommy and Daddy were asked to be Noah's Godparents and thought it was such an honor. It's a really big responsibility, but if anyone can handle it, my Mommy and Daddy can! Plus, I was really excited because that makes me Noah's Godsister....or maybe I'm just making that up but it sure does sound important. :)

It was a beautiful day because God knew it was a special day for my cousin. I loved being around all of my family and my Uncle Josh's family, too.

Uncle Josh, Aunt Julie, Noah, Mommy and Daddy

Mommy and Daddy and their Godson, Noah
The family.

Me and my momma at the cookout. Yes, I changed dresses. I'm so Hollywood. :)

Me...just cause. :)

Me and my great grandma.

Daddy giving me kisses. Oh my gosh, I LOVE kisses.

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Dani Lima said...

Hello, I'm Braziliam...and I see the photographs..congratulations!!!
Is one preaty girl your daughter.
I'm sorry, but I don'd know write very well in English.