Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pool Party

Today we went to my Aunt Becky and Uncle Bo's house for a pool party. They're really my mommy's Aunt and Uncle but saying "Great Aunt...and Great Uncle..." just doesn't sound right. My aunt and uncle have the coolest pool ever. They throw lots of parties every summer but this is the first one we've made it to this year. I didn't realize what I was missing out on! I have so many cousins, it's unbelievable. My first cousin, Noah, was there and many other cousins (mommy's first and second cousins). There were more than 20 of us under the age of 13. Talk about a party! I am even expecting a new second cousin any day now. Aunt Mickey is now 3 days overdue! Oh, but she was at the party, of course...just floating around the pool like nothing was out of the ordinary. This will probably be mommy's final first cousin because I think all of mommy's aunts and uncles are done having kids....but then again, they're kind of crazy so you never know! :) Anyway, we had a really good time and I loved my new canopy float that mommy and daddy bought me.

I mean, is this the life or what????

Just taking in the scenery.

Eating some butterflies.

Relaxing in my float with my shades on.

Me and mommy (on right), Aunt Julie and Noah (in middle) and Gammy (on left). Noah borrowed my pink shades.

Daddy lifting me up. I love swimming with my daddy.

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