Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy day

Oh my gosh, who wants to hear about our crazy day yesterday? I thought you all might. :)

Okay, so it started at 4:30 in the morning when our security system alarm went off. This has never happened before (except when mommy or daddy forget it's activated and accidentally open a door) so mommy and daddy were very startled. They jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. Then, the security dispatcher called and said that their system showed our basement window had been broken. So daddy went to check it out. There was no broken glass and the windows were still closed and locked. Daddy was confused. In the meantime, I woke up crying because the alarm was sooo loud and mommy was in my room rocking me back to sleep. Mommy put me back to bed and she and daddy were going to go back to bed themselves....until it happened again! I woke up crying again and didn't want to go back to sleep so daddy gave me a bottle and then went to work while mommy tried to go back to sleep. She was kind of scared though and made sure that daddy reset the alarm when he left for work since it was still dark outside. Once mommy and I woke up a few hours later, we went outside to investigate. There were no footprints in the mulch and the windows looked fine. We were beginning to think it was a false alarm just like daddy said. But then you'll never believe what we spotted. Yes, that's right...we caught the suspect who tried to break into our house! We named him Peeping Fred. Mommy didn't call the cops on him because he had his baby with him and mommy is a softy when it comes to babies. So we gave Fred a warning and let him off the hook.

That afternoon we went to the park with Wrigley and mommy's friend, Abby. I was on the swing and Wrigley was just walking around like he usually does. Typically, mommy doesn't worry about Wrigley straying too far....unless there are 2 deer prancing in the woods! Wrigley spotted the deer and chased after them. Mommy was yelling at Wrigley to come back but Wrigley has selective hearing. He just kept running and running. Mommy was scared the deer might hurt him and she was also worried that Wrigley was running through poison ivy so mommy didn't want to have to run after him! Well, there was no choice. Wrigley wasn't coming back so mommy went into the woods and through the thick brush after him. Mommy got Wrigley and brought him back to where Abby was pushing me on the swing. Mommy didn't want to touch me so Abby took care of me while Mommy and Wrigley went home to shower and get any poisonous stuff off them. This wouldn't have been so bad except Mommy was expecting someone to come to the house at 2 o'clock and when we got back there at 1:30, he was already there! So mommy explained that she needed to shower and bathe Wrigley. And as the cherry on top, mommy pulled about 100 burrs out of Wrigley's fur. Oh, what a day. I was so tired from all the excitement that I slept 13 hours straight last night!

Today has been much better, thank goodness. We have been on a walk and went shopping for a little bit. Now, I'm down for my afternoon nap and Wrigley is behaving. Plus it's FRIDAY....that means I get to play with daddy for the next 2 days!!!

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Cristi said...

What excitement! And MAN can that girl sleep! LOL