Friday, February 4, 2011

Houston, we have a problem.

Chase hates, hates, HATES being on his feet. He pulls up and once he's there, he stays for a long time because he doesn't know how to get down, but getting him to stand is not easy. And walking is even worse. He won't walk holding our hands or behind anything unless he has to (in other words, if the thing he is holding onto starts moving!)

Honestly, I think he mainly lacks confidence. He has pretty good balance and can stand on his own (unknowingly) for 20 seconds. I know he'll go at his own pace and that's completely fine. It has just caught me off guard. Addie was cruising by 10 months and walking on her own at 13 months....and she was a pretty early preemie. Dustin is rumored to have started walking at 8 months :), so I thought, while always taking into consideration his prematurity, Chase would be on the earlier end, too. I was wrong. I'm beginning to think that maybe he's a little too laid back!

This is about the best we've done so far. Poor guy is miserable!

I absolutely LOVE the end of this one when he is saying "no" and shaking his head.

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Emily said...

Is that Addison's southern accent I hear coming out??? My baaallloooonn:)