Thursday, August 7, 2008

Maddy's 1st birthday party

My friend, Madelyn, turned the big 1 and invited me to her party last Saturday. It was so much fun! I played with all the other babies my age and showed all the adults how cute I was. A certain Dodo (Maddy's great grandma) especially loved me. :) She thought mommy did the smocking on my dress. Ha ha. If you know my mommy, you know how funny that is.

Me and daddy before leaving for the party. Let's go, mommy - we're ready!

All prettied up for the party.

At the party, Maddy opens some gifts.

The Fraziers and the Friends
(well, yes, obviously they're our friends, but that's also their last name!)
Oh and look, there's Dodo in the bottom left corner.

The fun didn't stop there. We went back to Gammy and Poppy's and sat on the porch for a little bit before it was time for my 5 B's (Bath, Book, Bottle, Big hugs and kisses, and Bed).

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All Things Considered said...

Thanks so much for the note!

Addison is SUCH a doll! I can't get enough of her pics!

Oh my - when Rachel first sent me the link to the Matt, Liz and Madeleine blog I could not stop reading OR crying. I seriously read it every day and cry every day - but I don't think that I can ever stop going back to it. I just HAVE to see how this little baby is doing. I think I cry the most when I think about the fact that Liz never got to hold that beautiful baby girl - ugh, okay I have to stop...

Anyway - it's so good to see how well you are doing and how big Addison is getting - she is one happy baby! Keep the posts and pictures coming! I love Addison's point of view :)