Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ooops, Mommy is a little behind on posting about my new foods. Applesauce was my latest and it was a hit! Key word = was. I've been on a little diet this week. I just really haven't been interested in any of my table foods. All I seem to want is my bottle. That's okay, now that I've caught up (plus some!) with my weight, no one is forcing the food.

Mommy says that this boycott has been going on ever since I tasted Avocado and didn't like it. (Mommy talking here - SERIOUSLY, the girl is so smart. I swear that is what has happened. Oh boy, I got a stubborn one. Wonder where she got it???)

Anyway, here I am trying out the applesauce. Mommy used Mackintosh apples to make it.

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