Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend in Cleveland

Mommy, Daddy and I went to Cleveland this weekend to visit some of our favorite people of all time...Aunt Julie, Uncle Josh, and Cousin Noah and 2 of mommy and daddy's best friends, Aunt Kye Kye and Uncle Ben.

Friday we went to Aunt Julie, Uncle Josh, and cousin Noah's. Our daddy's went to the Indians game while our mommy's played with us and spent the evening together after we went to bed. Oh, did I forget to mention that Wrigley came along? He pretty much goes everywhere with us, so I just didn't think it needed to be said!

The next morning, we headed over to Aunt Kye Kye and Uncle Ben's new house. Mommy and Daddy used to live across the hall from them in the condo but all of us have since moved to in Columbus and them just a couple miles from the condo. Their new house is BIG and BEAUTIFUL. It was so homey and well decorated and put together. You would have thought they had lived there for years...not just 1 week! I took my morning nap and then we headed to the Feast in Little Italy (the old neighborhood). The Feast of the Assumption festival takes place every year celebrating the Feast of the Assumption, a Catholic holiday commemorating the Virgin Mary's assumption into heaven. Aren't I so smart? Anyway, we parked, I was strapped in the stroller, and we headed to the festival.

At the festival, there was live music, carnival games, casino games, carnival rides, and booths featuring shops and of course restaurants from around the neighborhood. Mommy and Aunt Kye Kye really enjoyed their Ciabatta pizza!

Then us girls strolled around while the guys stopped at pretty much every food booth. They ate Italian sausage, pizza, fried dough and fried almonds. Italians eat very well!

Of course we had to stop a man on the street to take a picture of all of us in front of Mommy and Daddy's old church, Holy Rosary.

After we had stuffed ourselves silly and Daddy had won a little money gambling (it's okay, proceeds go to the church. Of course Daddy didn't leave the church with any proceeds, but we can at least pretend Daddy was playing for a good cause), we walked a block to the good old, dearly missed condo. This is the front of it. Uncle Ben's daddy was the architect. Isn't it pretty?

And this was...our condo - top floor in the back. Those 3 windows on the right was Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. Let's see, I was conceived at the end of April 2007....Mommy and Daddy moved at the end of May do the math. :) The last month Mommy and Daddy lived here (and me too, since I was in Mommy's belly) was a really tough month, but it didn't take away from any of the great memories they made up there. We miss that old place. If we were rich, we would live there and in our house in Columbus. :)

At the condo, we visited with some of our old neighbors. Dick and Carol are very special to us. Carol is a breast cancer survivor like my Mommy. She was the one who took Daddy to see Mommy at the hospital when Mommy was diagnosed. Daddy didn't have a car because Mommy had it and when Mommy called him crying, Daddy didn't know what to do. He was going to get a cab, but ran down the hall to see if Dick and Carol were home. Of course Carol didn't hesitate one minute to drive him to the hospital to be with Mommy. Shortly after Mommy was diagnosed, she went on a walk with Carol and Carol told Mommy that she was going to survive and grow into a grandma, just like Carol! Thanks, Carol, for making Mommy feel better that day. :)

Okay, so Carol has a granddaughter. You'll never guess her name. It's Addison! Mommy first met Addison when she was just a little baby. Now she's a big 3 year old! Addison loved my doggie, Wrigley. She used to run after him in the hallway and giggle, then run over to hug my Mommy. She is one of the reasons why Mommy and Daddy like the name Addison so much.

Addison, meet Addison.

Awww, what a sweetie. Big Addison just couldn't get enough of little Addison.

The Addison's go head to head for the title of "Cutest Addison in the world". It was a tie!

Tickle, tickle.
After we left Little Italy, we headed back to Aunt Kye Kye and Uncle Ben's house. I took my afternoon nap and then swung on the swing set in their backyard.

And had such a marvelous timejust laughing and smiling at the adults.

The guys saw how much fun I was having and decided to swing themselves on a big tire hanging from the tree.

Once we all had our fair share of swinging, the adults decided to play some Bocce ball.

I sat on a big blankie and cheered them on. And the doggies watched. That's Aunt Kye Kye and Uncle Ben's doggie, Mina, on the left and my Bubba on the right. They're girlfriend and boyfriend!

I continued to watch the excitement going on in the Bocce game (that Mommy and Uncle Ben won).

Soon enough, I was bored of Bocce and decided to eat my Taggie ball.

Then as a second course, I ate my green ring.
And finally for desert, the ring holder.
It was time to go in and start getting ready for bed, but first I stopped for one last picture with Aunt Kye Kye. That pretty much concludes my weekend in Cleveland. We had to leave early Sunday to get back home. Thanks for the fun weekend Aunt Julie, Uncle Josh, Cousin Noah, Aunt Kye Kye and Uncle Ben. We can't wait till next time!!!

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