Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visiting Mommy during chemo

Today I went to visit Mommy at the hospital while she had chemo. This is the first time it's worked out for me to visit her. All of Mommy's doctors and nurses have been asking Mommy for months and months to bring me in. She always brings in new pictures thinking that would suffice, but it's never good enough. They wanted to see me in person!! Today was one of Mommy's "long days" at the hospital and also unique in that Daddy stayed home from work to watch me, so Daddy and I thought it would be nice to pay Mommy a visit. We brought her some lunch and sat with her while she finished up chemo. Mommy thinks I might be a doctor when I grow up. I loved all of the equipment. I was very interested in the IV coming from Mommy's port. I almost yanked it right out. Ouch, that would have hurt! I also really liked Nurse Carmen's stethoscope, Nurse Denise's pink ribbon lapel pin and all the other stuff that was dangling from the nurses necks! As a matter of fact, I not only loved the gadgets, but I loved the nurses as well. One of them stole me and took me around the building to show me off while Mommy finished up her chemo. Once all the tubes were gone, we took a couple pictures.

Me and my mama.
This is me, my mama and 2 of mama's many nurses. Carmen (on left) is the oncology nurse practitioner for Dr. Shapiro (Mommy's wonderfully super duper oncologist) and Leslie is a surgical oncology nurse for Mommy's surgeon, Dr. Farrar, who is great not only because he's a nice man, but because he took the bad stuff out of Mommy's body. Mommy says all the time how lucky she is to have such wonderful doctors and nurses.

Mommy found these pictures online and thought everyone should see the 2 doctors mainly responsible for making Mommy all better.

Dr. Shapiro

Dr. Farrar

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