Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 9 month birthday!

Happy 9 month birthday, Little Princess!!!

It was 9 months ago when you met Mommy and Daddy for the first time. Mommy went to the hospital because she wasn't feeling your usual morning kicks and when the nurses put monitors on Mommy's belly to hear your heartbeat, they were surprised to find that your little heart was beating ever so slowly...not the usual 160 beats a minute that we were used to getting from you! Everyone was wondering what was going on inside of Mommy's belly and the only way of telling was to get you out of there. So Mommy went to sleep while Daddy nervously waited in the hallway to hear your screams as you entered this world. They say you cried when you came out, which was very good. But then you had some trouble breathing and they had to give you oxygen. Good thing Mommy was asleep during this because Mommy would have been so scared! By the time Mommy got to see you, the doctor's had you well-situated in what would be your home from the next month.

Unfortunately I don't really remember this moment, but here is Mommy's first time seeing you. Boy have we both changed since then!

On that day, November 27, 2007, had people told me that you would be where you are today I might not have believed them. But you have surprised us, in true Addison style, and have progressed by leaps and bounds. You have mastered the task of sitting and playing with your toys without falling over. You are also very close to crawling (we think!) You scoot around on your belly a lot, but mostly backwards and in circles. You'll get there soon, baby! You just have to learn to pull along all 21 pounds with you. Yes, 21 pounds! Good job, BIG GIRL! Again, a huge surprise to all of us, including your doctors.

You eat pretty well, still mostly pureed foods. Though the other day we gave you a teething biscuit and you totally went to town! And today, you tried Wheat Puffs for the first time and chewed it up just like you should. You still love your bottle. You have learned how to hold it but still prefer that Mommy hold it for you. You have also learned how to drink from a sippy cup, but you'd rather drink from Mommy's water bottle which usually makes a big, wet mess!

Bath time is still one of your favorite parts of the day. You especially love to have your teeth (or gums, rather) brushed. You kick your legs and flail your arms in excitement when you know it's that time. You are so silly! Your bedtime seems to be getting earlier and earlier. You go to bed around 6:15 now. You sleep close to 13 hours every night and still take a couple good naps throughout the day. You love your sleep, just like Mommy!
You are trying to learn how to wave bye-bye. You usually squeeze your hand open and closed but don't raise your arm while doing that. Silly girl!

Oh, there is so much that I could say about your 9th month here with us, but that entry alone would need its own blog! Just know that Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo very much. We think that you are absolutely incredible. We thank God every day for blessing us with such a precious, beautiful, and healthy baby girl....our Baby Addison! We can't wait to see what the next 9 months hold for you! We love you sweet angel. You will always be our little princess.

You have got to be kidding me. It's time for photo studio again?

Okay, I'll smile for you...just this once.
Just being cute.
Oh Bubba!

Refusing to look at the camera.

Maybe if I just don't look, she'll stop taking pictures.

I don't even have to smile for Mommy to think I'm gorgeous.

How much longer do I have to sit here, Mommy?

It's getting old and I'm trying to make that clear by screaming.

Or would rubbing my eyes be a better sign?

Sorry everybody, I just can't do this anymore. It's my nap time.

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All Things Considered said...

Happy 9 months Baby Addison!!! You are beautiful!!! Mommy did such a good job on your photo shoot and you hung in there like a champ :)